Three Chinese were shot in Myanmar

Three Chinese were shot in Myanmar

On March 8, 2021, 3 men of Guizhou Chinese origin, due to crimes in Myanmar, were executed and executed immediately. The video was quickly transmitted to China and spread hotly on the Internet, causing controversy.

Three Chinese men were executed for theft, kidnapping, etc. (Photo: taken from video).

According to Myanmar media, on the morning of May 16 of last year, three Chinese people from the same hometown Guizhou brought the surname Liu, Chu and Zhang to the company. local 418 road mining to break into and steal. After the Liu family broke in and discovered nothing worth the money, seeing a Ly family member sleeping, they immediately had bad intentions. After consulting with the other two people, the Liu family members kidnapped Li and took them away to ask for a ransom of 300,000 yuan. Finally, the boss of the victim surnamed Li transferred the money to the kidnapping association 100,000 yuan, they shared 30,000 yuan each and then went away.

According to the allegations of the Procuratorate of the Judiciary Committee of Myanmar, 3 people committed the crime in May 2020. The Liu family at the company did not have anything, so the thought of stealing occurred. Liu then contacted Zhou and Zhang to commit the crime together.

After the first crime, all 3 people have not been immediately arrested. So they have been frantically deploying a host of other criminal activities.

On 1/6/2020, 3 people stole at a rubber company in Mongpauk district, the stolen amount was 213,000 yuan.

On July 21, Liu and four other people of Guizhou origin stole from an agricultural supplies store, taking 40 bullets from a desk drawer. After the incident, each person received 20,000 yuan, used 40,000 to buy a car, jewelry sold in Mongpauk.

On August 8, Liu and 5 people committed the theft at a car inspection station, earning 50,000 yuan.

On August 18, Liu and his accomplices prepared to steal and kidnap in the Mongping area. However, this crime was not carried out. The next morning, 5 people were arrested by the Wa state police.

According to statistics, Liu’s group committed the crime 4 times with the total amount of more than 484,000 yuan. In which, Liu holds the stolen property worth 155,000 yuan, Zhang is 103,000 yuan, Zhou is 77,000 yuan, 3 others hold 32,500 yuan. Another man with the surname Liu participated in the crime twice, and was in charge of driving, but did not receive money for robbery. The prosecution accused the above people using their stolen money for gambling and living expenses, so there was no way to recover it.

The Wa State Judiciary Committee prosecutors prosecute the above people, on December 1 of the same year, the court will formulate and investigate .

On the morning of April 8, 2021, the Wa State Judiciary Committee of Myanmar held a public trial at the airport to hear Liu’s group. Sentenced to death and executed immediately on the masterminds of criminals Liu, Zhang, and Zhou. This video was quickly transmitted to China, and on the Internet also spread hot and controversial.

Some netizens expressed doubts: “Why is the banner written in Chinese? Was it intentionally letting the Chinese see? “

Someone also said: “Myanmar dared to judge the Chinese people, too much for China.”

Last May, three Chinese men were robbed of a gold and silver jewelry store called “Zhou Bao China” in the southern suburbs of Myanmar’s Wa state, and killed the owner of the original Fujian China store. National. They were sentenced to death, and immediately executed, an event that at one point caused a stir among Chinese circles on social networks.

Jiang Tuyet, Vision Times

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