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Three British parties reached an alliance agreement to stop Brexit

British flag (front) and EU flag (rear) outside British Parliament building in London on October 19, 2019. Photo: THX / TTXVN

AP quoted the leader of Liberal Democratic Party Jo Swinson as saying that the three parties agreed to "vote strategically" to support the maintenance of membership of the European Union (EU). Accordingly, the candidates of the three parties will not confront opponents with views opposing Brexit have the opportunity to win seats in the British House of Representatives. This agreement was reached when the electoral process for the election before the deadline was officially started on November 6.

British Prime Minister and Conservative leader Boris Johnson is seeking to approve the election ahead of time to save the current Brexit process that has come to a standstill. In the past two years after the UK officially filed its exit from the EU, the House of Commons has voted three times against the draft of the conditional Brexit agreement between the EU and the British Government under Prime Minister Theresa May, resulting in the EU had to agree to postpone Brexit until October 31 and Ms May resigned.

The upcoming election will be the main confrontation between the ruling Conservative Party and the opposition Labor Party, while the Brexit Party seeks to call for votes of pro-Brexit voters, while the Liberal Democratic Party seeks to lead. before the Brexit party to be third in terms of votes. The vote was also considered a test of the people's confidence level with Mr. Johnson after he took office as Prime Minister in July last thanks to a vote within the ruling party. Currently the Conservative Party is still leading the polls and keeps a 7 to 17% distance from the Labor Party according to the poll results. If it can maintain its form, then this party is likely to gain the majority.

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