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Thousands of protesters in the Haitian capital

Thousands of protesters protested against the administration of President Jovenel Moise in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on February 14, 2021. Photo: AFP / VNA broadcast

Most of the protests were peaceful, with the exception of a few places where extremists and police collided, forcing security forces to use rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse.

The protests came after several officials loyal to President Moise said they had discovered a plot to kill the president and police arrested 23 people involved in the “coup plot”.

Currently, Haiti is still operating without Congress, as the 2018 general election has been delayed. To run the country, President Moise must resort to a decree and he will end his current term in February 2022. However, the opposition wants him to end his term early on the grounds that there was a fraud in the 2016 election that brought him to power. Contradictions have sparked a wave of protests lasting weeks in this Caribbean country.

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