Those who use computers should increase the following foods to protect their eyes
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Those who use computers should increase the following foods to protect their eyes

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Using phones, computers, watching TV regularly are the images that we easily encounter in today’s technology life. Undeniably, these devices bring a lot of benefits to us humans, but besides the positives, there are also negative aspects when we use them with large frequency.

The regular use of technology equipment not only affects the skin, brain and especially the eyes and windows of each soul. There are two dangerous eye symptoms caused by blue light commonly referred to as “screen vision syndrome” and “macular degeneration”. These diseases often lead to the risk of vision impairment, blurred vision, blindness … from both the young to the elderly.

Therefore, to protect our eyes, we should first limit the use of computer equipment, phones, so that our eyes can rest. Besides, it is necessary to supplement foods from vegetables and fruits to limit eye fatigue. Here are foods that are very familiar and good for the eyes, please enhance it in your daily diet.

1. Water spinach


Water spinach is a familiar food in the tray of most Vietnamese families. Using water spinach is a great way to provide essential eye nutrients such as: Vitamin A and beta carotene and Vitamin C. Regular consumption of water spinach can improve conditions such as eye stains and dry eyes. . In addition, this food also works for people with cataracts, vision disorders, eye inflammation …

2. Kale


Cruciferous vegetables are always the favorite food of many families in the summer. Vegetables are not only easy to process but also very good for the eyes, because in vegetables contain a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, lutein and also beta carotene. Eating vegetables daily can help you minimize the aging process of the eye and degeneration of the macular degeneration of the retinal center.

3. Carrots


Carrots and orange fruits are known to be good for the eyes, in addition to vitamin A, carrots also contain a lot of beta carotene and lutein that nourishes the retina, protecting eye cells from the risk of degeneration. yellow spots, prevent night blindness for children. So add this food to your daily meals to protect yourself and your family against eye diseases.

4. Pumpkin


Pumpkin, milk smoothie is an extremely nutritious drink for lean people who want to gain weight. Besides, it is also a nutritious food, protects the eyes for those who often have to contact with computers. Pumpkin contains lutein, vitamin A and beta carotene which help reduce degeneration of eye cells. In 110gr pumpkin will load about 135mg beta carotene and 2400mg lutein in the body. So if you want to prevent eye diseases like cataracts or macular degeneration, add pumpkins to your family tray.

5. Fruits


Regularly eating fruit not only beautifies the skin but also supplements the eyes with a lot of nutrients. Blueberries and raspberries are two very good fruits, and people who regularly use computers and have eye problems should increase their use. These two fruits not only prevent eye degeneration but also prevent eye oxidation to protect eye cells from damage when exposed to blue light of computers and phones at night.

Above are the useful foods for you. In addition, to protect your eyes, you need to rest your eyes, protect your eyes when going outdoors to minimize eye diseases.


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