Those luxury homes bought by the post-90s
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Those luxury homes bought by the post-90s

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People’s imagination of luxury houses mostly comes from film and television works:

In “The Great Gatsby”, a large western-style mansion carries the “American Dream” of young people. Every night, it is full of noise, prosperity, and all the absurd drunken fans;

Another example is the villa with a wide living room, lawn and a secret basement in “Parasite”. The dark walls, like a ladder that never ends, clearly delineate the two insurmountable “poor” and “rich” world;

A little closer, perhaps it will be the luxurious hotel contracted by the protagonist in “The Richest Man in Xihong City”. The exaggerated architecture and gorgeous interior decoration all show the simplicity and rudeness of the nouveau riche.

But returning to real life, we often find it difficult to define luxury houses, and even have more or less prejudice against people who buy luxury houses.

What kind of house can be called a mansion?

What kind of people are buying luxury houses?

What are the “evolutions” of luxury houses in the new era?

“One more square meter, better than I know you”, on July 31st, the second phase of the interactive interview program “Real House Buying Plan” curated by 36Kr was launched simultaneously on Tencent Video and Youku.

In this episode, the famous media person and writer Pan Zefu, and One Bright Horse Marketing Director Lu Dongdong, together with Li Xinyue, the manager of 36Kr Future Real Estate, talked about the people and things about luxury houses.

Excerpt from the second phase of “Real House Buying Plan”


People’s first impression of luxury houses is that they are expensive.

But expensive houses are not necessarily luxury houses.

In Beijing, there are not many houses with a unit price of 100,000 yuan per square meter. In the school district of Xicheng District, a dark and humid 90 square meter and a half basement can be sold for a total of 10.5 million. But in addition to providing a precious “degree”, the living experience is not even as good as the ordinary limited-competition housing.

The large area is the second impression of the general public of luxury houses.

But it’s not that a large house is a mansion. In the outer suburbs of the city, there is no shortage of large houses with large living rooms, large bedrooms, and large bathtubs. However, imperfect facilities and long commutes determine that they cannot become luxury houses.

Lu Dongdong, who has been engaged in high-end residential marketing for a long time, believes that from all aspects, a residence that can be called a mansion must have good conditions in all aspects and occupy scarce resources that cannot be copied by society.

While it requires an excellent location advantage, it must also have mature facilities, convenient life, convenient transportation, high-quality products and a pure community.

Beijing’s East Fourth Ring Road and West Fourth Ring Road are areas where luxury houses gather together. Take the famous Wanliu Academy as an example. The project is located within the West Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, surrounded by top universities in the country. It is the best school district room in the country.

The reason why Wanliu is famous for its luxury housing estate lies in its extreme products. It is just the gray wall outside the courtyard. Every brick is handmade. It is said that different colors will appear in different times and weather from early morning to dusk.

The cultural heritage and regional characteristics of the West Fourth Ring Road determine that the luxury residences in this area are naturally “cultural.” On the East Fourth Ring Road, relying on supporting facilities such as foreign consulates, fashion life circles, and cultural and artistic districts, the luxury houses in the area appear to be more international and younger.

“The definition of luxury is more a comprehensive evaluation of lifestyle.” Lu Dongdong said.

Excerpt from the second phase of “Real House Buying Plan”

Choosing a different luxury house is also a different way of life. Those who choose luxury residences on the West Fourth Ring Road will pay more attention to education and the growth of the next generation.

In the East Fourth Ring Road, owners tend to pay more attention to their own interests, hobbies, and people they contact.

As Pantsev said in the program: “East Fourth Ring Road is the best circle of friends in Beijing. There are international friends, artists and movies, as well as bar areas, demonstration areas, and airports… Young people choose this one, his circle of friends may be the first, and it may be more important than the comfort of living.”

Excerpt from the second phase of “Real House Buying Plan”

The price of a luxury house is a natural threshold. Using this as a screen, the community constructed is more pure and can gather a group of owners with similar tastes and aesthetics.

The quality of the community is purely an important criterion for the quality of the community. What kind of people live with, in fact, also determines what kind of life they will have.


What kind of people will buy luxury houses?

Li Xinyue believes that for people who buy luxury houses, it must not be a “burden” in exchange for emptying out a family’s six accounts, but rather a leisurely expenditure with surplus money.

This also determines that this group of people must have a strong ability to pay.

Luxury houses are derived from the commercialization of houses, and the development history of luxury houses in China is not long.

The first group of people to live in luxury houses were mostly entrepreneurs who became rich first after the reform and opening up. They don’t necessarily have higher education, but keenly grasped the dividends and opportunities of the development of the times, relying on a little bit of hard work from scratch, they successfully accumulated wealth. Returning to the family, they use wealth as a lever to provide a better life for their families and look forward to the next generation to go further than themselves.

The latter group of people living in luxury houses has a higher starting point than the previous generation. They may have received a better education and have a broader vision to create and seek a colorful future. Among them are entrepreneurs, corporate executives, celebrities, and literary and artistic practitioners… They are more restrained in the demand for housing, but behind the low-key, it is also the identity they deliberately divided.

Nowadays, the people buying luxury houses have undergone earth-shaking changes.

Lu Dongdong introduced that the buyers of the luxury house project she is responsible for, Liangma, are already very young. Many of them are born in the 90s. The youngest owner she has received for independent inspections and purchases is only 22 years old.

“If he walks in, you don’t have to pay the bill and go to buy a house with a credit card, telling you that he can pay the full amount within a month, you never see that he is a man who can afford a luxury house.” Lu Dongdong said.

This group of young mansions owners, mostly descendants of the first generation mansions owners, stand on the shoulders of their parents. They have had no worries about food and clothing since childhood. The definition of mansions is more of daily life and standard.

They do not need to use materials to show their identity and financial resources, or deliberately emphasize their identity, it is more difficult to find them from the crowd. Instead of focusing on showing their superiority, they are more willing to spend their energy and time on satisfying spiritual needs and creating.

When buying a house, they buy more “I need” and “I like it.”

Excerpt from the second phase of “Real House Buying Plan”


The younger customer base also brings a challenge to the upgrading of luxury products.

Most of the new generation of luxury home owners have a background of studying abroad, and they also have a higher aesthetic ability and art appreciation ability. To some extent, “face value” has become an important criterion for their choice.

Most of the luxury houses ten years ago did not meet their preferences. Compared with the calm and luxurious style, they prefer to have creative, individual and fashionable products that are in line with the international mainstream design.

In terms of space settings, the younger generation will even require independent personal space.

Lu Dongdong judged based on his own luxury house marketing, “The space of a luxury house must not be just right for people’s needs. All functions are just right. It must have 1-2 rooms used for’waste’.”

In the past, residential houses often fall into the misconceptions that developers have “all-round” and “worry everywhere”, and often do not leave room for owners to renovate themselves. For the older generation of owners, they may not spend too much time and energy on recreating the space. Even if they are dissatisfied, they endure it.

The young generation of luxury house owners are more individualized. The houses cannot be the same. There must be room for renovation to allow them to place their rich hobbies and unique spiritual world.

Those “wasted” spaces can be used for leisurely afternoon tea, and can also be used for making friends with friends. Someone likes to drink, they build it into a “small bar”, some people like art, they set it up as a personal collection room…

Compared to “filling up”, the “blank” of the new generation of luxury houses is more important.

The mainstream style of foreign luxury houses is also more popular among young people.

In China, more and more luxury housing projects have begun to learn from the experience of Manhattan’s high-rise luxury housing and value the exclusive “view” of owners.

In terms of viewing, Manhattan’s high-rise mansion Park Avenue Apartment No. 423 has become a learning goal for many luxury houses. This New York’s tallest apartment overlooks New York 360 degrees, giving the owner an excellent visual experience.

In the new generation of domestic luxury houses, more and more “wide-angle” products appear, even if they are not as extreme as No. 423, there are also works such as “three-sided windows”.

On the facade, the facades of early mansions mostly like to use stone, which demonstrates stability and quality. However, since the last few years, more and more luxury housing projects have been in line with international standards, and they have begun to use aluminum panels, glass, and large-area floor-to-ceiling windows, which appear light, thin and transparent, with a sense of technology.

Take Yiliangma on the East Fourth Ring Road as an example. The façade of the project is entirely made of metal aluminum panels, and it has a 270-degree view. Sitting at home, you can see the prosperity of the city at a glance.

Excerpt from the second phase of “Real House Buying Plan”

The house is the carrier of life, carrying people’s happiness, anger, sorrow, and daily life. People pay attention to luxury houses, in the final analysis, envy a state of free life.

Whether you are buying a house or renting a house, whether you live in a house of 5 million or a house of 20 million, being able to sleep peacefully and wake up happily in your own bed is a kind of happiness.


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