This week's horoscope 3 / 29-4 / 4

This week’s horoscope 3 / 29-4 / 4

I’m Maya. This week’s horoscope.


Major stars of the week

★ The moon operates from Libra → Scorpio → Sagittarius → Capricorn

★ 29th Libra full moon

★ 4th Mercury Taurus entrance


The 29th of this week is the full moon of Libra. The Savian symbol of the full moon is “Three masters on display in the art gallery”.

Libra sees (projects) what he wants on people and the world. I often attract people to see what they say and do and their surroundings. I try to know myself while referring to and referring to others and the world. Nowadays, it is often said that “let’s hold your own axis”, and such an attitude may seem to be “another person’s axis (not living like you)”, but I think that such a view is simple. thinking about. It may or may not be. Whether or not such an attitude is “your own axis” depends on whether or not you are aware of “your own gaze” that tries to see what you are looking for while comparing it with others and the world. Is my way of doing things, “and I think it depends on whether or not you are more proactive in referring to others and the world. In any case, the masters of this Savian symbol are the ones that many people want to refer to, “How did that person live?”

This time it will be a full moon with such a frequency. If you have any doubts or want to know now, you may want to refer to other people’s behavior and surroundings. If you look around, “What would that person do?” “Is there a case similar to this?”, You may come across something useful at this time. At that time, instead of simply answering “because that person is doing that”, “because everyone is doing that”, and “then I will do that too”, look at yourself as “helpful”. You should try throwing it.

Let’s take a look at the full moon map. Venus in Aries is 0 degrees in the full moon in Libra (180 degrees in the sun and moon in Libra), and Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius are added to form a kite. In the message from the full moon of the new moon, I wrote “Meeting”. Recently, there is also the word “world line”. Assuming that the full moon of the balance seat is the timing when the world appears (appears), the world line at the time of this full moon causes “my world” and “that person’s world” to appear in this way. I think that people may feel that the world line and the world are different depending on the person. In that sense, it might be a good idea to see what the world line is like to reveal your world in that way. Also, if something new starts in April, it may be good to look inside and outside of yourself with such an eye on how your world line has changed.

Mercury Pisces makes 0 degrees with Neptune Pisces and 90 degrees with Mars Gemini. Using the word “world line” as a clue, I think it’s a good idea to look not only at the world you are facing now, but also at “a world that was possible but did not appear for some reason.” Speaking of “meeting”, there are people, things, and the world that happened to meet here, but there are also people, things, and the world that did not meet for some reason. I don’t think there is any difference between the two, but it may be a good idea to use Mercury at this time to think about something invisible or possible.

Let’s have a good time this week as well.

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