This Week's Horoscope 3 / 15-3 / 21 | VOGUE Blog

This Week’s Horoscope 3 / 15-3 / 21 | VOGUE Blog


Major stars of the week

★ The moon operates from Aries → Taurus → Gemini → Cancer

★ 16th Mercury Pisces Irimiya

★ 20th Sun Aries Irimiya (Spring Equinox)

★ 21st Venus Aries entrance


This week is the week from the new moon of Pisces on the 13th of last week to the full moon of Libra on the 29th of the next week. The 20th of this week is the equinox. Mercury will enter Pisces and Venus will enter Taurus this week, as if to coincide with the equinox. Some people may feel that “spring has come ♪”.

This week, you can accurately see the 60 degrees of Pisces Sun x Capricorn Pluto and the 60 degrees of Pisces Venus x Capricorn Pluto announced in last week’s Pisces New Moon. Then the sun enters Aries. In that sense, it will be understandable as we move forward with what we announced last week and enter a new season. In other words, while feeling the life that fills this world and all the activities of those lives (nature), it will feel like spring is coming as a living being on earth.

We and nature are connected to each other, but I think the driving force for connecting is the vitality of each person. Also, I think that the connection with nature can be felt through each sense. It rained a lot yesterday and it was sunny today, but the wind is strong. It feels like a wild and youthful cheerfulness to me, and I feel it is an energy that seems to be the beginning of spring. That way nature and life may be about to awaken from winter. I just want to feel that kind of energy this week.

120 degrees of Gemini Mars x Aquarius Saturn and 90 degrees of Aquarius Saturn x Taurus Uranus are also made this week. We have announced the week before last and the week before, so please have a look. “There are many difficulties, but let’s change from what changes” or “Even when it doesn’t seem to change much, it really keeps changing. As long as we live, we can only change. Then, what are we going to do here now? “

Or, depending on the 90 degrees of Saturn in Aquarius x Uranus in Taurus, there are 120 degrees in Mars in Gemini x Saturn in Aquarius, saying that “it may not remain, it may be difficult, or there may be a stalemate.” You may be able to read “Let’s see how it changes” and “Take measures according to the situation and phase”.

Let’s have a good time this week as well.


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