This week's horoscope 2 / 8-2/14

This week’s horoscope 2 / 8-2/14

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Then this week’s horoscope.


Major stars of the week

★ The moon operates Sagittarius → Capricorn → Aquarius → Pisces

★ Mercury retrograde (until 2/21)

★ 12th Aquarius New Moon

★ The moon void time that lasts for 10 hours or more is from 15:15 on the 7th to 5:50 on the 8th, and from 4:05 to 16:20 on the 12th.


The 12th of this week is the new moon of Aquarius. The Savian symbol of the new moon is “a man who turns his back on his passion and teaches from his own experience.” The frequency around that is full of Mizubinza-san’s uniqueness. Is the water bottle seat like objective, intelligent, universal, integrated, etc.? In other words, they can lead to reasoning and lack of emotion.

In other words, this man is neither a “hot-blooded teacher” nor a “teacher who treats himself”, but a person who gives a bird’s-eye view of his experience and teaches what he has summarized. It seems that what he teaches is “summary (universal knowledge)” and “learning” gained from personal experiences.

This week will be the new moon with such frequency. Perhaps you or someone will be “a man who turns his back on his passion and teaches from his own experience.” When teaching or teaching “summary (universal knowledge)” and “learning” from a certain experience, some kind of reset and start will be done.

Let’s take a look at the new moon map. Aquarius New Moon (0 degrees of Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Moon) and Taurus Mars are loosely 90 degrees. This Taurus Mars makes a close 90 degrees with Aquarius Mercury (retrograde). Aquarius Venus and Aquarius Jupiter are 0 degrees. The 90 degrees of Aquarius Saturn x Taurus Uranus, which I mentioned every time, is heading toward the first formation on 2/18. This star rotation can be done in February, June, and December, so we will experience 90 degrees of Aquarius Saturn x Taurus Uranus this year (although there are temporary shades). Become. In other words, this week there is a big flow of Aquarius Saturn x Taurus Uranus 90 degrees, Aquarius New Moon x Taurus Mars 90 degrees, Aquarius Mercury (retrograde) x Taurus Mars 90 degrees, It can be said that 0 degrees of Aquarius Venus x Aquarius Jupiter can be created.

Regarding the 90 degrees of Aquarius Saturn x Taurus Uranus, “Awaken to the essentials by abandoning selfishness, attachment, commitment, belief, and (unnecessary) pride. That will change the person’s reality and future. I have read it like this. I write this lightly, but I know that it’s hard to let go of something like that, to wake up to the essentials, or to make new changes. Because it is 90 degrees in the fixed palace, what you let go through this star circle is also what you have made up to now. Therefore, if you are feeling a dilemma or stalemate like “I want to let go but I can’t let go” or “I want to change but I can’t change easily”, that’s why I take a closer look at 90 degrees of Aquarius Saturn x Taurus Uranus. I think I’m in the middle of experiencing it. I don’t feel good at all, but I think it’s up to each person to think of themselves as “I see” and “I think that’s the case now” and what to see and how to live from there.

Looking around the stars of Aquarius New Moon and Mercury, Aquarius said, “I want to let go, but I can’t let go”, “I want to change, but I can’t change easily”, “Huh, I see”, “That’s right now” ( After admitting it (without denying or affirming it), I think it’s a good idea to ask yourself, “Well, if that’s the case now, what are you going to do now?”

Last week, Venus overlapped 90 degrees with Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Last week, there was a statement by an old-type politician that despised Venus (female). I felt that it was a symbolic event in the sense that I would let go of my beliefs and commitments about women, or that I would be faced with such an old age. Not limited to the speaker, there are many social and personal structures based on such values, and I think that not only men but also women have been accommodating. I hope that not only will we hit the speaker, but we will also take this opportunity to raise our awareness of the structure that has made use of such people and their reforms. This week Venus is 0 degrees with Jupiter. This star circle will soon collapse, but I hope that new values ​​that suit the current era will spread as much as possible.

When Saturn and Jupiter were in Capricorn, I was sympathized with the words “I can put up with it because I am the eldest son” of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Now that both Saturn and Jupiter have moved to Aquarius, I think it’s quite difficult to say “Women are …” to despise a particular gender.

Let’s have a good time this week as well.

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