This Week's Horoscope 12 / 28-1 / 3 | VOGUE Blog

This Week’s Horoscope 12 / 28-1 / 3 | VOGUE Blog


Major stars of the week

★ The moon operates Gemini → Cancer → Leo → Virgo

★ 30th Cancer Full Moon


The 30th of this week is the Cancer Full Moon. The Savian symbol of the full moon is “a little naked girl reaching for a fish in the water”. The frequency around here is rich and beautiful, which is typical of Cancer. “Reaching for a fish in the water” suggests that you can gently touch yourself or someone’s heart (inner world), and “little naked girl” is an inner child, inherent in us. It shows an innocent existence.

This week will be a full moon with these frequencies. Gently touching your delicate heart, empathizing with unspeakable thoughts, sharing something that warms your heart … This week, there is a comforting event in you or in your relationship with someone. It may be born.

Let’s take a look at the full moon map. This time, the big star circle that continued from the end of November to last week … In other words, Gemini full moon (11/30 penumbra moon eclipse), Sagittarius new moon (12/15 total solar eclipse), Sagittarius Aquarius Irimiya (12/17) , Aquarius Sagittarius (12/19), Gemini (12/21) and Aquarius Sagittarius x Aquarius Jupiter 0 degrees (12/22), the first full moon. The calendar we are using is now at the end of 2020, but the stars and the natural world are entering the next cycle. In that sense, we are living in a new year, and this full moon may have a strong feeling inside and outside of us.

Taurus Uranus mediates support for the Cancer Full Moon (180 degrees of the Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon). It may be especially about economics and values, but it seems that many people share the feeling that “a lot of things will change in the new year.”

We will inform you about the star rotation that stands out in the full moon map. It is 90 degrees between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. 90 degrees of Aquarius Saturn x Taurus Uranus is one of the major star circles in 2021. You can do it three times next year. February 18th, June 15th, and December 24th. The influence of this star rotation becomes stronger around these three times. This time it will be getting darker and darker towards February 18th, and will continue until around the end of March.

By the way, 90 degrees of Aquarius Saturn x Taurus Uranus was somehow made around April of this year. I quote the article “Horoscope of the Week 4 / 13-4 / 19”.

The Taurus Sun will make 0 degrees with Uranus in Taurus and 90 degrees with Saturn in Aquarius. In that case, I wrote recently, “The current economy (including large to small businesses) will have to change significantly from now on.” “This direction is not only now, but (although there are temporary shades) 2021 I think that’s always the case. ”“ Behavioral restrictions such as avoiding the three dense (sealed, dense, close) will significantly change our respective reality and the current economy. ”… These are becoming more and more real. It seems that it will go on. In other words, such changes will become our daily lives.

I would like to write another thing I have been thinking about recently about Saturn in Aquarius and the conflicting relationship between Taurus and Aquarius. Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed palace, so they are constellations related to values. As one of the manifestations of Saturn’s move to Aquarius, I think it can be read that our values ​​and needs (demand) have changed significantly. Saturn in Aquarius can be read as “I don’t need this anymore” and “The needs and demand for this are over”. In other words, one of the suggestions that Saturn in Aquarius suggests is that “I don’t need what I don’t need”, in a sense, a calm judgment without a body or a lid, and letting go of something tangible and intangible that I have kept carefully for posterity There may be many people who are having difficulty in this area.

In short, the person’s reality (and future) will be renewed with the situation where he is forced to change (or let go) his values. In 2021, such star circles will come several times. In this Cancer Full Moon map, Jupiter Aquarius overlaps around this star. There may be a dilemma between ideals and reality, but after that it may be released from something and become more open and free, both socially and personally. Alternatively, an event that reaffirms one’s essence may significantly change a person’s reality and future.

This week, Venus in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces will make 90 degrees. When you think of Venus in Sagittarius, you can think of good and evil values ​​and values ​​related to “correctness.” I think they can be various. I feel that this week is shining light on the generosity and open intelligence that allows us to interact with people who have different views of good and evil and “correctness.”

This article is the last update of “Horoscope of the Week” in 2020. Thank you for visiting “This Week’s Horoscope” again this year. I don’t thank you every time, but thank you for your comments and shares. May 2021 have a lot of good things. We hope you all have a good year.


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