This Week's Horoscope 1/25 ~ 1/31 | VOGUE Blog

This Week’s Horoscope 1/25 ~ 1/31 | VOGUE Blog


Major stars of the week

★ The moon operates Gemini → Cancer → Leo → Virgo

★ 29th Leo full moon

★ 31st Mercury retrograde start (until 2/21)

★ The moon void time that lasts for 10 hours or more is from 16:15 on the 25th to 3:50 on the 26th.


The 29th of this week is the full moon of Leo. The Savian symbol of the full moon is “early morning dew”. The Savian symbol one time ago was “glass blowing”, and both “early morning dew” and “glass blowing” are keywords that hide breathing and breathing. In the West, breathing and breathing are symbols of life, soul (psyche), and spirit that God has infused into the human body. As an aside, the fact that many people in Europe and the United States are reluctant to wear masks may have something to do with that. “Early morning dew” refers to the way the atmosphere falls on the grass and becomes dew, which is also the breath of nature and the manifestation (dew) of life that fills the natural world.

This time it will be a full moon with such a frequency. It is easy to see how the life that lives in us is moving, and we are full of motivation to make “the world I live in” and “my days” fun with lively life energy. Some people may be enthusiastic about something fun or creative.

Let’s take a look at the full moon map. Aquarius full moon (180 degrees of Aquarius sun and Leo moon), Aquarius Jupiter, Aquarius Saturn 0 degrees, Aquarius Uranus and Leo Mars are added to form a T-shaped square.

The light is now shining on “self-creation” and “self-expression.” If something impressive happens this week, it’s a process of “self-creation” and “self-expression,” and how you’re experiencing them is a good indication of your “selfishness.” Take a closer look at what you are experiencing and how you are doing it now.

There are some words that I often introduce in the astrology class. I forgot to write down the source, and I don’t know who said it.

“‘How the experience is done’ is archetyped, but’what you experience’ is always unique.”

I often write that “the stars are like this, but each person experiences it differently” because this word is somewhere in my heart. The influence of every star is equally to us on earth, but it is up to us how to experience it, and there is always “personality” in it. In that sense, we may be able to say that we are always living in our own way.

one more point. A closer look at the T-square around the full moon in Leo contains the 90 degrees of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, which are often mentioned recently. In this T-shaped square, it can be said that 90 degrees of Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus are emphasized by Jupiter in Aquarius, Mars in Taurus, and the full moon in Leo.

See last week’s and last week’s articles on the 90 degrees of Aquarius Saturn and Taurus Uranus. It is read as if “selfishness, attachment, commitment, belief, abandoning (unnecessary) pride, awakening to the essentials, and changing the person’s reality and future.” I think that the desire to “live in your own way” is also the pride of selfishness (ego), commitment, and “I”. At this time, I think we can upgrade or refine them.

Mercury retrogrades from January 31st to February 21st. This time, Aquarius goes backwards from 26 degrees to 11 degrees. Things may not seem to go smoothly, but it’s a good time to readjust something, look back at something. This is also a natural process prepared by the universe, so don’t overdo it and spend your time with plenty of time.

Let’s have a good time this week as well.


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