This October ’s Xinfan score plummeted. The day when I encountered Cyberpunk, I was still dissatisfied.
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This October ’s Xinfan score plummeted. The day when I encountered Cyberpunk, I was still dissatisfied.

In a society dominated by large enterprises, the per capita transformation of people’s livelihood, and the control of other special devices that transform the human body through spiritual control, this October’s new “Non-Gun Life” is based on a highly impactful actor, and a strong Cyberpunk’s breath that can’t be achieved has quickly gathered a large number of audiences after the broadcast, and the score has gradually increased.

But the good times didn’t last long. This comic series, which began serializing in 2013 and was successfully animated only at the end of 2019, eventually stumbled like its original author Karasuma Kuang’s cartoonist career. Because the male No. 2 Tiero was too magical and puzzling, the B-Station score of “Non-Gun Life” dropped below 7 points, and this confusing behavior continued for two full episodes.

Interestingly, one of the villains in the previous villain was shaped in a typical exaggerated manner, which obviously caused the audience to resent. Instead, he pointed out the operation of Tie Lang’s Zhixi. Although he is still the annoying face of oil, but The audience then applauded.

Although the ratings of “Non-Gun Life” showed obvious signs of recovery after the two episodes that quickly collapsed, the audience’s evaluation of this work inevitably showed polarization, which can be described as animated and defeated. Also animated.

The audience ’s excessively unnoticed plot logic and the general demand for online articles such as Long Aotian have jointly created the Shuangwen market that has emerged on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and began to reach the domestic readership of this market as early as ten years ago. Naturally, the rebound started earlier.

This rebound is not a matter of three or two days among domestic audiences. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has gradually peaked or even started to decline. The most obvious manifestation is that some audiences are increasingly questioning the logic of the plot.

ACG culture was once a niche entertainment. After the development of the audience scale and related industry chains, it has also become a kind of mass entertainment. Now the question is what kind of audience will the art and entertainment get? Balance, or what kind of win-win area exists between the two.

Obviously, the essence of mass entertainment lies in entertainment. If an animation has neither gained the audience nor won’t win them a smile, then this entertainment is really hard to say is successful.

In a nutshell, is there any excitement in a work, and the third and fourth episodes of “Non-Gun Life” are exactly in this minefield.

It is unreasonable to use one or two episodes to measure the wonderful degree of the entire work, but even if it is a narrative form of suppression, the audience must also consider the viewing experience of the audience, especially for a TV animation work Even more so. Even if the famously long-formed You Gai’s “Gate of Destiny Stone” was made, it would at most only make viewers feel that the radio waves were not right, and they would not make them feel particularly bad.

The third and fourth episodes of “Non-Gun Life” are actually quite traditional daily routines, which belong to the type that cannot be too tangled with the logic of the plot, but require the audience to feel the world presented by the author, or treat the story as Looking at a given fact, whether it is reasonable or not, it happens.

But what really caused the audience’s dissatisfaction was that Cyberpunk was too heavy for the viewers in Life Without a Gun, even to the extent that the main factor that attracted the audience to the pit was too much, and Cyberpunk It is a subject that is often tied to dystopia. If it is not a nonsense work, it is really difficult for the audience to think about the logic and feel the plot.

Tie Lang’s situation is actually quite similar to that of the actor in “Fate / Apocrypha”. What makes the audience wonder is why such a character can be paid unconditionally by others one after another. In “Fate / Apocrypha” it is because of the humanoid identity, and in “Non-Gun Life”, it is because the phrase “I am not a prop” touched the heart of the actor.

Persist in a seemingly unreasonable matter to the end because of a belief, this is the typical Japanese work routine. When the audience saw this set in “Non-Gun Life”, they could intuitively feel why various Japanese works are trying their best to sell female characters. After all, just add a “being rushed by love” “Stunned,” then all logic is returned to the circle.

But Tie Lang is a real bear child, so many viewers can’t help but think about the question of Ho De Hoen. After all, if you think about it in other places, if you are such a bear child, I am afraid it will be difficult in a peaceful era. It has grown healthily to the present, not to mention the turbulent society after the war.

Admittedly, eating ravioli and growing up are commonplace. However, after Tie Lang took the lead in doing things, the ravioli ate, but people didn’t seem to grow up. Coupled with the deliberate arrangement of eating ravioli, it made the sense of surprise. more serious.

Through “Non-Gun Life”, it can be found that many animation production groups are not unreasonable for the deletion of the plot, because they need to “reform” the original work to be more suitable for TV animation.

“Welcome to the class of supremacy of power” is a typical example. As long as you drop the role to grab the drama and cause the original party to be strongly dissatisfied, you can find that many adaptations of the plot sequence actually provide a better movie viewing experience. This work The popularity gained on Station B is the best evidence. After all, this kind of routine that reverses one minute for 10,000 years is not very friendly for TV animations that only have 20 minutes per week.

Back to the topic “Life Without Guns”, for TV animated viewers, there must be no chance to see the growth of the character Tie Lang, and Tie Lang is designed to start with a negative IQ, and it is difficult to make up for the anime audience. Reason for the original work. In other words, putting these two episodes in a TV animation is really an unattractive thing. The reason is that it is far from the expectations of many audiences.

“Non-Gun Life” can be said to be the cover of cyberpunk in traditional Japanese works. This grafting is an important reason for the dislocation of movie viewing. This situation has actually existed in many Japanese works from earlier. In “Non-Gun Life” is not the first, nor will it be the last.

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