This mouth-shaped wallet will make you startle every time you get money - Photo 1.

This mouth-shaped wallet will keep you from startling every time you take money

A Japanese amateur artist nicknamed Doooo has created an interesting wallet when its shape is unlike any purse you've ever seen. At first glance it was a human mouth that looked as if it was full of lips, teeth, gums, and beard.

The wallet is shaped like a human's mouth

If you have the opportunity to hold in your hand, you will feel the stubborn beard of the wallet, soft pink lips and even the teeth and gums of this mouth are shaped like human.

Doooo created this interesting money wallet on June 1 and showed off to fans on Twitter. Immediately after posting a short video, this unique mouth image was spread widely online and has now attracted more than 14 million views.

This mouth-shaped wallet will make you startle every time you take money - Photo 2.

This Japanese artist shared, he has completed this creative project within 2 months but when asked about the creative process and materials used, Doooo does not share and affirms this is a secret.

Also when asked about the price of this wallet, Doooo said he had no intention of commercializing it. This is a project to create objects like Doooo's first real parts. In February 2019, he revealed his finger that looked like the real thing and made the viewers really not be shocked.

However, everyone is waiting for Doooo's next products in the future.

Close-up of the wallet is shaped like the real mouth of a Japanese artist

And here is the close-up look of the real fake finger of a Japanese artist

Refer to Odditycentral

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