This melon is live! Husqvarna “E-Pilen Concept” announced

With the gradual acceleration of the energy transition, major traditional car manufacturers have also expressed their views and actively invested in the development of electric vehicles. From Northern Europe, Husqvarna, commonly known as “sea gourd”, also recently released its first electric concept car work, showing a strong ambition to enter the electric car market.

Although Husqvarna has quite high achievements in the off-road industry, compared to the street car market, off-road vehicles are indeed slightly smaller. As the first electric power work, Husqvarna has locked the model on the retro models that are beloved by riders. With the popularity of the Black Arrow (Svarpilen) and White Arrow (Vitpilen), it is definitely an important key to the brand’s entry into the electric power market.

In terms of styling, it inherits Husqvarna’s consistent design style and maintains clean texture lines. At the same time, the simple brushstrokes also bring out a stronger sense of technology.

In terms of power supply, it is estimated that it will adopt the form of power exchange, and it is speculated that it will adopt the battery system jointly developed by the parent company KTM. Does it mean that three plugs at a time will not feel too heavy?

The performance output of the vehicle is also marked awkwardly. The output of 8KW is almost equivalent to the power level of the domestic 125c.c. Scooter. I believe this is just the first step for Husqvarna. When the technology matures, there will be more powerful vehicles. Models have appeared one after another. The front and rear suspension system adopts WP, the queen brand that has been cooperating for a long time.

The power core is placed directly under the car body, and the low center of gravity configuration helps to improve handling.

The design of the rear of the car can no longer be described simply. The hollow-shaped taillights are presumed to be integrated with the function of the direction light. Of course, because it is a concept car, there is still a considerable gap between it and the commercial car.

The above is approximately what Husqvarna has released about E-Pilen! What do you think of this new generation of electric power cannon? Perhaps for fans of performance benevolence, this output is not very satisfactory, but it is always good to take the first step. It also proves Husqvarna’s determination to look to the future. Let us continue to look forward to it!

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Original source: HUSQVARNA E-Pilen Concept is released! This melon is live!

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