This may be the 4-camera cluster design of Galaxy Note 10 - Photo 1.

This may be the cluster design of the following 4 cameras of Galaxy Note 10

So far there has been a lot of leaked information of the Galaxy Note 10 duo and Note 10 Pro. Accordingly both will be equipped with 4 rear cameras, while Note 10 Pro owns a selfie dual camera like Galaxy S10 +, then Note 10 will only have a selfie camera similar to Galaxy S10. In addition, the rear camera design will also have major changes.

Ice Universe has confirmed that the rear camera cluster on the Galaxy Note 10 will not lie horizontally, instead will be changed to vertical and can be tilted to the top left. And in my latest post, Ice Universe provides a sketch that shows how the rear camera cluster of the Galaxy Note 10 will look.

Accordingly the rear camera cluster of Note 10 will be divided into two separate parts. Along the left is a group of 3 main cameras, with a wide-angle lens and a telephoto sub-lens. Along the right side includes a flash, physical distance ToF (time of flight) sensor and Flood illuminator illuminator that allows object identification in the dark.

However, it seems that Galaxy Note 10 will not have the heart rate sensor like the previous rumors. Being able to only version Galaxy Note 10 5G is equipped with this feature. Samsung can also remove the heart rate sensor because the position of the rear camera cluster has changed from the middle to the top, making it more difficult to place your finger.

We can see that the new design of the rear camera cluster on the Galaxy Note 10 is somewhat similar to the Huawei P30 Pro. This design may cause Samsung's smartphone to lose its own appearance, but may help create more room for other important components, such as a larger battery.

Reference: Phonearena

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