This is the reason that you only have mechanical keys, not

This is why you have only mechanical keys, not “mechanical mouse”.

“The mechanical keyboard” is the way we use to call the keyboard using the mechanical switch for each key. These switches have springs for elasticity and copper foil inside for signaling. Mechanical keys clearly distinguishable from rubber keys. The elastic force of the rubber keys is taken by the rubber knobs, while the two layers of circuit below help receive the signal. This is the biggest difference between the durable, high-quality and expensive mechanical keyboards compared to the soft rubber keys, but boring and unreliable typing.

It is not so complicated with a mouse, expensive or affordable mice have only one style. Below the mouse key is the switch. Mouse switches have the same parts as mechanical switches such as stem, housing and copper foil, and the signal reception mechanism is similar. If judging on the signal receiving mechanism, all mice are “muscle” mice. Because there is no “rubber mouse”, so people do not call “muscle mouse” to distinguish what to do for fatigue.

This is the reason that you only have mechanical keys, not

Currently, high-end gear manufacturers such as Razer and popular like Fuhlen have also developed and launched many lines of mice using ultra-durable optical switches. However, because the experience is no different from the conventional mouse switch, there is no need to distinguish.

This is the reason that you only have mechanical keys, not

Reading here, many of you will wonder: “So the ball rats are not mechanical?”. Yes, it is true, but for a long time people have had the word “ball mouse” to call them, distinguishing from optical mice using optical reading eyes. And what I said a while ago is the thing below the mouse key.

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