This is what happens if Japanese people build a Dodge Challenger

This is what happens if Japanese people build a Dodge Challenger

At the Tokyo Auto Salon event this year, Japanese cars naturally took the majority and caught the attention of the most visitors, but there were a handful of US-origin cars on display. . The most striking is probably the Dodge Challenger muscular duo from a company called Rohan Izawa Art Design.

The red Dodge Challenger stands out at the Rohan Izawa Art Design booth

Side view

The first Challenger has the potential to make the SRT Hellcat complete in bright red. Obviously inspired by the new Challenger Widebody kit introduced by Dodge itself, Rohan’s products also have a wide flared wheel arches but they look even more wild than Dodge has devised for the car. his muscular symbol.

Close-up wheels, tires

The car’s water paint motifs are very eye-catching and unique

Not stopping there, the Japanese car tuning company also equips the car with a set of after-sales and most noticeable wheels, a special paint scheme with a picture of “ghost flame” and details. another integrates beautifully, artistically into the metallic red finish. At the same time, the car has also been lowered a bit.

The blue Dodge Challenger is also no less competitive

For Rohan Izawa Art Design’s second Dodge Challenger, it looked like the 392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker and also fitted a set of wide flared wheel arches. Besides, it sits on a shiny 5-spoke chrome-plated wheel, has an extended rib cage, a fresh wind diffuser, and a paint scheme that is probably more eye-catching than the red one.

Overview of Rohan Izawa Art Design booth

Rohan is not an unfamiliar name at Tokyo Auto Salon, and three years ago, they showed a chrome-plated Nissan GT-R among the most impressive ever.

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