This is the world's most powerful superconducting magnet, the same size as a toilet paper roll - Photo 1.

This is the world's most powerful superconducting magnet, which is about the same size as a toilet paper roll

According to a new study published in Nature, we have the strongest magnet in the world: scientists at the National Strong Magnetic Laboratory in Florida create superconducting magnets, using electricity to create magnetic.

The strength of the magnetic field reached 45.5 tesla, breaking a record of 45 tesla previously established. We can confirm that this is the largest magnet of attraction in the world.

This is an illustration of "superconducting matter", not a magnet.

Named as "little big coil", the magnet coil has a strong magnetic field due to electric current flowing through a wire core made from REBCO, short for rare earth barium copper oxide – rare earth barium copper oxide.

The only magnet with a stronger attraction is the pulse magnet. However, while the electromagnet type only produces a strong magnetic field for a very short period of time, the new magnet is capable of maintaining a magnetic field, provided that current flows through the core.

"One of our missions is to push the technology limit as far as possible," said researcher David Larbalestier in an interview. The goal and also its mindset: create stronger magnets as possible, and higher stability.

Over the past two decades, the magnetic field record is 45 Tesla. The amount of electrical energy needed to create this record is very large, the number of labs that can rebuild the world's strongest magnet is only counted on the fingertips. Every time a research needs strong magnets, scientists will have to go to the few possible bases. Superconducting magnets consume less energy when operating, but the magnetic fields they create are still weaker than classical magnets.

This is the world's most powerful superconducting magnet, the same size as a toilet paper roll - Photo 2.

This is the world's strongest superconducting magnet.

Superconducting magnets have many applications, such as magnetic buffering (allowing super-fast trains to be suspended on rails), nuclear magnetic resonance or even, not long ago, China claimed. owns the technology of magnetic submarine with "stealth" ability. In an interview with Motherboard, Professor Larbalestier explained that magnetic fields can be used as a source of energy, large energy fields are able to determine the structure of complex atoms.

New magnets achieve such remarkable strength thanks to the new design. The magnet is not insulated, ie it moves from superconducting state to a very fast and safe state.

"We went against the good route", Larbalestier said. "In the past, we often put magnet resistors inside superconducting materials. In the new study, we introduced a superconductor into a resistor magnet".

Materials that make up new magnets are different from before. According to the study, a record-setting magnet contains 12 thin-wound pancake coils and is coated with an ultra-thin copper superconducting tape. Until recently, we had the technology to make such a thin coating, and thanks to that, the new magnet could produce a strong magnetic field of up to 60 tesla without much damage.

The new magnet system is not safe enough to be present in every laboratory. They are still slightly affected by magnetic field strength of up to 45.5 tesla; still need to closely monitor the operation of the magnet to avoid an unfortunate case.

But it can be believed with this breakthrough, scientists will soon have "new toys" to study.

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