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This is the silly iPhone thief who posted a selfie on the victim's Instagram

Recently, a thief has accused himself of using the iPhone, which is both "handy" to take a selfie and post it to the victim's Instagram account.

Accordingly, the New Jersey police are looking for an iPhone thief when he has just accused himself after posting a "selfie" image of himself on the victim's Instagram.

According to Cultofmac, Kearny Police Department said the victim had reported his iPhone stolen on May 18. But the most strange thing was that the thief reported himself by taking a selfie, then use the victim's Instagram account to post to Story.

Reportedly, the suspect's image was published on Kearny Police Department's fanpage on July 3 with the aim of calling people together to find the thief and return the iPhone to the victim.

The investigation agency also issued a warning to everyone that they would easily become prey to thieves when using iPhone in crowded places. Although the camera camera system is ubiquitous, not everyone is "lucky" as the aforementioned burglary victims, because most crooks will be very disguised to evade the recording device.

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