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This is the real evidence that Galaxy Note 10 has very thin edges

After the appearance of the render and the protective case, now, Galaxy Note 10 continues to reveal the actual image of the screen film with very narrow edge.

When compared to the Galaxy Note 9, it is clear that the Note 10's edge is much narrower, especially the bottom edge. In particular, you no longer see a hole for the front camera, there is one reason for this.

According to @UniverseIce mentioned on Twitter, the lack of a hole in this screen film is due to a lack of data on "moles." Previously, when Galaxy S10 screen films appeared, it also lacked such holes.

Expected Galaxy Note 10 will have 2 versions with different screen sizes. Earlier reports said a version with a 6.3-inch screen while the other is called the Galaxy Note 10 Pro, has a 6.75-inch screen. Reducing the edge of the screen will help the screen width increase, but the overall size of the device will not increase significantly.

Even so, it is still too early to confirm that the image is correct. What you can trust is that the Note 10 will have a screen bigger than the previous generation and will have a selfie camera hole.

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