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This is the perfect time to shop and equip smart houses

The appearance of many companies, more and more smarthome sellers and especially Google Assistant support Vietnamese has helped smarthome market become different from just 1 year ago. And this is an extremely suitable time for you to start equipping the first household appliances for your smart home.

Smarthome items are cheap and varied

With only 300k, you can buy a Broadlink RM Mini 3 (below) control air conditioner, fan, infrared TV, Internet connection and Google Assistant support. With only 200k, you can buy a Xiaomi Philips smart light bulb, some places even sell them for 180k. And also with only 800k you can shop for a Google Home Mini speaker for voice commands.

These can even run independently, you don't need to buy a hub, just a 300k Broadlink RM Mini 3 can run itself and turn a part of your house into smarthome . Smarthome is not as complicated and expensive as we usually think. Only when you equip more items will the cost increase, but the items themselves are still very cheap.

Unlike the period of 3-4 years ago when a light bulb had Wi-Fi, Bluetooth still cost 800k or even 1 million. Now smarthome products are more popular, there are more companies producing and competing with each other, so prices are falling. The number of enterprises and individuals who import smarthome products on sale is also increasing, thus promoting the price reduction, running promotions … more often.

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And we not only have smart bulbs, we also have smart vacuum cleaners, smart fans, Internet-connected refrigerators, water purifiers, air purifiers, table lamps, power outlets, switches. Wall mounting … everything in life. Nearly every traditional home appliance will have a smarthome instead.

Easy to install, set up and use

In the past, it was difficult to set up, connecting from unstable devices, especially when using Bluetooth first. But now most smart devices already have Wi-Fi connectivity, they can quickly enter your home network. The control app is also made easier to use, more beautiful and more convenient for controlling your smarthome.

Another important thing is that in the past, strong manufacturers were worried about their products, while in 2019, the companies were forced to support big smarthome ecosystems such as Google Home, Apple HomeKit or Amazon Alexa. It won't be hard for you to find a light bulb, a vacuum cleaner robot … support 1, 2 or all of the ecosystems I mentioned.

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Whether you are using Samsung, Xiaomi, Philips or recent items such as Rang Dong, JAVIS, Lumi of Vietnam, you can mix your devices into the Google Home ecosystem, then you only need to Control your home from a single app, or even voice commands and forget apps, forget your phone.

Google Assistant in Vietnamese

The destination of smarthome is automation and hands-free control, not controlled by phone because the time you open the phone, run the app, it's better to go out and turn it off manually. You have to do something to say "Hey Google to open the light for me" and without doing anything, the lights turn on, it is called fun and worth the money. Last year the Google Assistant did not speak Vietnamese, so it was impossible to do so, this year Google Assistant did it. Recently, Google Assistant has been able to run on both Google Home speakers, so the concept of "hands-free" is even better.

Currently according to our observations and experience, only Google Assistant is useful in Vietnam, but waiting for Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa to support Vietnamese is still very long, a few years is fast, maybe even is never always.

Brothers in Vietnam looking to buy smarthome items remember to buy something compatible with Google Assistant / Google Home.

Do you have any questions about smarthome then comment on this article, I and everyone will try to support you.

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