Sforum - Latest technology information page of smartphone-nokia-android-q This is a list of Nokia smartphones to be updated Android Q later this year

This is the Nokia smartphone list will be updated Android Q later this year

In a recent official press release, HMD Global confirmed the list of Nokia smartphones eligible for Android Q. updates.

The process of updating Android Q for Nokia smartphones is expected to begin later this year and be completed in 2020. Most of the current Nokia branded products are pre-installed with Android One, pure Google with a promise to ensure Upgrade new Android within 2 years. That means that Nokia smartphones launched with Android Oreo or Android Pie versions will be upgraded to Android Q.

Thus, the following Nokia smartphones (along with the Android operating system version launched on that device) will be updated with Android Q if there are no problems during beta testing:

  1. Nokia 9 PureView – Android Pie
  2. Nokia 2.2 – Android Pie
  3. Nokia 3.2 – Android Pie
  4. Nokia 4.2 – Android Pie
  5. Nokia X71 – Android Pie
  6. Nokia 8.1 – Android Pie
  7. Nokia 3.1 Plus – Android Oreo
  8. Nokia 5.1 Plus – Android Oreo
  9. Nokia 6.1 Plus – Android Oreo
  10. Nokia 3.1 – Android Oreo
  11. Nokia 2.1 – Android Oreo
  12. Nokia 7.1 – Android Oreo
  13. Nokia 7 Plus – Android Oreo
  14. Nokia 6.1 – Android Oreo
  15. Nokia 5.1 – Android Oreo
  16. Nokia 8 Sirocco – Android Oreo
  17. Nokia 1 – Android Oreo

Android Q is expected to integrate many new and exciting new features. Most notable is the Dark Mode dark background and the new full screen navigation gesture.

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