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This is the first smartphone in the world to have a dual 44MP selfie camera

According to Gizmochina, one of the trends we will see this year in the mobile industry is the “punching” design. However, depending on the phone, this “hole” design can be placed in the top left corner, the middle or the top right corner of the screen. Another difference would be the size of the hole to accommodate the single or dual camera.

Recently, YouTuber technology Arun Maini shared a mysterious smartphone with a dual selfie camera placed in the hole of the tablet. This design is nothing new, but the main point is the configuration of the camera.

Specifically, according to Arun Maini, this is the first smartphone in the world to have a 44MP dual selfie camera cluster.

At the moment, the highest selfie camera we’ve ever seen on a phone is 32MP, and a leak from last week revealed that the front camera of the Galaxy S20 Ultra will have a very high resolution, but it only stops at 40MP level. Therefore, the smartphone that is leaked today is more likely to be the device with the highest resolution selfie camera on the market at launch.

Unfortunately, we do not have much information about the phone nor the specifications of this camera sensor.

Last year, however, Samsung announced the mobile camera sensor ISOCELL Slim GH1 43.7MP. This is the closest sensor we can think of.

There are speculations about the phone manufacturer. Gizmochina said that this is an OPPO smartphone because the battery icon is quite similar to other devices of the Chinese manufacturer. Some rumors even say that this is the upcoming Find X2 flagship. Wait and watch it!

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