Sforum - Latest technology information page Samsung-MWC-Show-45W-PD-Charger-1 This is the first view of Samsung's upcoming super-fast 45W fast charger.

This is the first glimpse of Samsung's upcoming "super-big" 45W fast charger

According to some previous reports, Samsung is working on its new fast charging technology, with a capacity of up to 45W. And expected, the Galaxy A90 will be the Samsung-equipped Samsung smartphone instead of the flagship Note 10 as some previous rumors said.

Recently, Samsung has demonstrated for the first time a USB PD charger design with a capacity of up to 45W at the MWC Shanghai 2019 event.

According to Gizchina, it can be seen from Samsung's reference design, a 45W USB PD quick charger using SE8A chip model. Judging from photos taken by blogger Weibo, Samsung's reference design is equivalent to an enlarged version, with circuit boards and components that can be clearly seen when the outer shell is wrapped in a plastic layer. crystal-clear.

Sforum - Latest technology information page Samsung-MWC-Show-45W-PD-Charger-2 This is the first look at Samsung's upcoming super-fast 45W fast charger.

Reportedly, the SE8A controller chip was launched by Samsung in May this year and another one is MM101. With the new PD control chip, compatible chargers will be able to communicate with the device to provide an optimal amount of power, ensuring the battery is charged in the most efficient way. And yet, thanks to the integrated eFlash memory, SE8A can be updated its firmware to meet the latest specifications and provide maximum charging capacity up to 100W (20V / 5A).

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