This is the father of the year when giving 100 million to buy temple laptops for boys - Photo 1.

This is the 'father of the year' when giving up 100 million to buy temple laptops for boys

The story is quite funny shared on social networks when a father who lost his hand damaged his son's laptop and was "grumbled" by his wife, so he spent more than VND 100 million to buy a series of other laptops. about to 'temple' for use already.

Specifically the story is shared as follows:

In this world, there must be no one like my father, his wife's meaning means that my mother follows the way of paying like anyone.

Dad is the one who makes money, is a bit calculating, but is loved by his wife and children. My mother from before had to raise her family and love her husband and children, but it was a bit economical.

The two grandparents loved each other very much, but each time they were in a bad mood, they laughed badly. Eg: My mother bought three bottles of milk for the whole family, I drank 1 and 2 left in the refrigerator. My father went home so hot that he took both bottles of milk to drink … my mother came to see it, so my father frowned and grumbled the whole afternoon. Which is: he was ungainly … unintentionally … my father went to the supermarket to buy a dozen milk bottles and stuffed it with a refrigerator. My mother went into a panic, screaming loudly at my father … my father laughed and said, "That's her drink all."

Now comes this case: I just finished my thpt test to be a student so my mother bought me a computer (23 million). After noon, my father borrowed it to watch the movie and dropped it, my mother said he meant it from noon to noon … he was too angry to say um. At 9:00 pm, bring 5 computers, worth more than a hundred, to buy outside fpt shop.

He told me: "here I will give you a word, tell your mother from now on to say no words".

Now that my mother came back and saw this computer, she probably lost her blood pressure, what do you think I should do … ???

Yes, it was indeed a very harsh response of this "exemplary" husband's husband in front of his wife's grumbling. Although it is a bit expensive, it is clear that this student has … amazed with all kinds of genuine laptop gaming spoiled for choice.

This is the father of the year when giving 100 million to buy temple laptops for boys - Photo 2.
This is the father of the year when leaving 100 million to buy temple laptops for boys - Photo 3.

Of course, for the vast majority of people this method is somewhat overstated and it is best to find ways to return laptops that are not for a fee. Anyway, a person using a computer is already enough, buying so much doesn't solve any problem!

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