This is the dream iPhone 11 of everyone? - Photo 1.

This is the dream iPhone 11 of everyone?

Three months later, the new iPhone 11 was released by Apple, but almost we know their design details. Accordingly, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R will have the same front as the three iPhone models released last September with the rabbit ears at the top. Differences only appear on the back with the iPhone 11 line will have a large square camera cluster containing 3 cameras on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max and 2 cameras on iPhone 11R.

In addition to the new camera cluster and a few minor changes such as the matte glass and the circular silent mode dial, there won't be much interest when it comes to designing iPhone models 2019. Meanwhile, almost all Android has all the more impressive designs than the iPhone. From copying the iPhone X design, Android firms have their own unique designs. The Galaxy S10 selects a perforated design instead of rabbit ears to have a beautiful front-facing screen while others choose a sliding front camera solution.

Perhaps it is not until the next year that we have the opportunity to see iPhone models with a front-facing screen design. While waiting for that, invite you to watch the beautiful iPhone 11 concept created by graphic designer Muhsin M. Maisonal Auckburaully. This concept is based on rumors and leaked details about iPhone 11 but changes the front with perforated design for 2 selfie cameras.

This is the dream iPhone 11 of everyone? - Photo 2.

The perforated part of the screen is small enough to almost cause no distraction. Meanwhile, the screen edges are reduced to a minimum. In the back, instead of 3 cameras, Auckburaully adds 1 more camera to the iPhone 11 camera cluster.

This is the dream iPhone 11 of everyone? - Photo 3.

Looking at Auckburaully's concept, many people will probably say that this is the long-awaited iPhone.

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