This is how to ask FaceApp to delete your data from their server - Photo 1.

This is how to ask FaceApp to delete your data from their server

FaceApp is being discussed a lot in recent times. Many people have used this AI application to see how they look when they get older or younger. It sounds funny but FaceApp has a lot of privacy risks.

The most worrisome point of all is that according to the application's privacy policy, it can use your photos and data for commercial purposes. Therefore, you certainly do not want to change your precious face data for likes on social networks.

In a recent interview, founding FaceApp, Mr. Yaroslav Goncharov, said his company did not share data with any third parties. In addition, Goncharov also said that users can ask FaceApp to delete their data from the company's server.

Here's how you ask FaceApp to do it:

Step 1: Open the FaceApp application

Step 2: Go to Settings (gear icon) then go to Support and then select Report a bug.

Step 3: You write the title of the report as "Privacy" and a description of the request to remove the data from the server below.

The process of deleting data may take a bit of time by following Goncharov's FaceApp team is overloaded. However, he added that the request to delete user data will always be a priority. In addition, according to Goncharov, the interface of FaceApp is being upgraded so that the request for deleting data becomes easier.

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