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This is how the Galaxy S8 saved 20 lives in the Philippines

Thanks to IP68 water and dirt resistance, equipped by Samsung, the Galaxy S8 has become the "savior" of 20 people in the Philippines.

Surely when reading articles and news about smartphones, you will only see information related to hardware configuration and features. However, recently, the story is completely different when a Galaxy S8 has saved 20 lives thanks to the features equipped on the device.

This feature that saves 20 lives in the Philippines is none other than the IP68 standard dirt and water resistance. Specifically, on July 8, a boat carrying 16 expatriates went on a diving trip and four Filipinos were turned over in the waters off Bogo city, Cebu province, Philippines. And happily after 30 minutes, all 20 people were rescued after calling for rescue and sharing the GPS location with the Galaxy S8.

This Galaxy S8 belongs to a Canadian named Jim Emdee. And although it was submerged under seawater, it could still function normally thanks to IP68 water resistance. The incident comes just days after Samsung was accused of misleading claims about water resistance on high-end Galaxy S smartphones by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission.

“I hope my thanks come to Samsung's engineers because they really saved our lives. Only my S8 can connect and it runs well when we are safely on shore. It's more durable than I thought and that's what makes it different, ”Emdee said.

The Samsung Electronics Philippines also voiced feedback and said that they felt happy when the Samsung phone they created was really useful in that critical situation.

“We are happy to hear that all passengers are safe, and all thanks to a Samsung phone. We will continue to work hard to bring devices that can help users in critical situations, ”said James Jung, Samsung Electronics Philippins director.

Samsung also took this opportunity to remind users of the "Send SOS rescue message" feature on Galaxy smartphone models. By accessing and activating the feature (Settings> Advanced Features> Send an emergency message), users can press and hold the power key 3 times to send a rescue message to emergency contact for help. support. The company also does not forget to remind users to always turn on GPS location tracking when traveling alone or in remote areas.

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