Day is how Apple found iPhone without Internet connection 1

This is how Apple finds the lost iPhone without Internet

At WWDC event on Monday, June 3, Director Apple Craig Federighi introduced the "Find My" application to help locate the device. This feature is rated as a breakthrough in mobile security, or a user privacy disaster.

Experts have questioned whether My Find will continue to track when users are not desirable. Apple said it built this feature on a unique encryption system, carefully designed to prevent any location data theft, even from "Apples Apples" itself.

In upcoming versions of iOS and macOS, the Find My app can broadcast Bluetooth signals with location information – even when offline. Nearby Apple devices will forward this signal to the cloud, helping users detect phone locations or stolen laptops.

Apple bundled Find My Phone and Find My Friends apps into the only Find My feature. Image: The Verge.

This complex encryption program not only blocks users of intermediate devices from accessing data, but also prevents Apple from doing so. The device owner is the only object who knows his iDevice information.

"The amazing thing is that the whole process is encrypted from beginning to end, and anonymous," Federighi said at WWDC. “It only uses tiny pieces of data on existing network traffic. Therefore, don't worry about wasting your network capacity, battery or privacy. ”

Reply page WIRED, Apple explains how this system works to avoid location data leakage.

The simple solution is to ask users to own at least 2 Apple devices. The lost device will generate a constantly changing code. Nearby Apple devices use this code to identify and upload cloud location data. However, only the remaining Apple device will have the key to decode that location.

Day is the way Apple finds the iPhone without Internet connection 2
The biggest plus of the Find My application is the ability to locate devices offline. Image: Apple Insider.

However, Apple said Find My's actual operating process is much more complicated than described. Before being released with macOS Catalina and iOS 13 later this year, this feature is still subject to change.

The encryption system eases the threat from Bluetooth signal tracking, allowing Apple to build the location history of each user. "If Apple follows what they say, the feature can be truly secure," said Matthew Green, a cryptographer at Johns Hopkins University.

"I rate Apple 9/10 on the ability to fulfill the promise," Green said. “I have not seen any company that can do the same thing on a billion people scale. This theory is familiar in the scientific world, but realizing it is quite impressive.

IPhone users are being monitored secretly by many applications According to a Washington Post investigator, popular iPhone applications are using a hidden tracker to retrieve data without user consent.


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