This is an Apple TV R5 remote case, designed to be able to attach an AirTag to help locate the TV remote

If you are worried about the problem of accidentally losing the Apple TV remote, then the silicone R5 Remote Case made by Elago company will be a pretty effective solution, because it has a separate location. designed so that the user can insert an AirTag locator into it.

The Apple TV R5 remote case is made entirely of high-grade silicone, which helps to wrap and hug the TV remote, minimizing damage when the remote is dropped, as well as providing a comfortable, smooth grip. A special feature of this remote case model is that on the back (inside), it also has a dedicated location so that users can place the AirTag to locate it, helping to prevent lost cases. or lost the remote can be easier to find.

The price of the Apple TV R5 Remote Case is $14.99 (about VND 345,000), and users can now order it right on Elago’s website.

According to the Cultofmac

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