This is Airbus Mythology, the design that the company thinks is the future of aviation - Photo 1.
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This is Airbus' "Monster", the design that the company thinks is the future of the industry

Airbus, the European aerospace giant, said it has a new aircraft design idea with the goal of "promoting the next generation of aeronautical engineers, making a difference by applying Hybrid engine technologies, advanced composite control and structure systems are studied at the company ”.

This aircraft was first revealed at the Royal International Air Tattoo air show, held at the Royal Royal Space Station (Gloucestershire). Airbus' idea is a hybrid-type aircraft with electric motor and can be used for transportation. Fuel savings of up to 30-50%,

Airbus called the plane "Bird of Prey" and fortunately did not intend to produce this "freak". Now it is just an idea to cut 50% of the aviation industry emissions that Airbus wants to achieve by 2050 and the main way is to copy the way birds work.

Since the 15th century, humans have considered birds as a model of aircraft. But Airbus focuses only on the bird of prey. The wing and tail part of this aircraft is modeled after bird of prey, split into feathers and can be controlled separately, providing the best aerodynamic ability.

“One of the current priorities of the aviation industry is to make flights quieter and more environmentally friendly.”, Martin Aston, Airbus senior manager, said. Do you want future aircraft to look like this?

Reference: Popularmechanics

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