This is a laptop that costs up to 1 million USD because it is infected with 6 most dangerous viruses in the world at the same time - Photo 1.
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This is a laptop costing up to 1 million USD because of being infected with 6 most dangerous viruses in the world at the same time

As a product of a mad scientist, injecting all sorts of monstrous drugs into a monster to display it: the laptop "infected" with 6 of the most dangerous and famous viruses – WannaCry, BlackEnergy, ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig and DarkTequila – are brought to auction. People are willing to pay $ 1.1 million to own the device with only historical value.

What you see is an art project called "The Persistence of Chaos". The collaboration between artist Guo O Dong and Deep Instinct, a New York-based network security company, gives us the most valuable laptop in history: those viruses have caused billions of dollars in damage across bridge.

The ill-fated laptop (due to infection with six different viruses) of Samsung, has been severed from all connections to the outside world, it will not be able to spread "disease" to anyone anymore. With this project, Guo wanted to specify the malware threat in the digital age.

"Such software is so abstract, listening to their ridiculous names, everyone thinks it's a joke, but I find that they show the similarity between cyberspace and real life."Guo wrote in an email to Vice.

"Malware is the most practical thing that can jump out from a computer screen and bite you with a sharp pain".

Guo honed his history to become a painter, but 12 years ago, he decided to become an artist of cyberspace. Deep Instinct works with Guo to make sure that the laptop cannot harm anyone, or that nobody can extract the virus for personal gain: as soon as the auction ends, they will disable all ports. data transmission of the machine.

"We consider this project as a catalog that lists the memorable threats in history"Guo said. "Watching a monster with your own eyes must be more interesting".

This is a laptop that costs up to 1 million USD because it is infected with 6 most dangerous viruses in the world at the same time - Photo 2.

Guo livestream returned to the "world's most dangerous" laptop earlier this week.

Corner to repeat history:

– WannaCry: is ransomeware-ransom malware, in this case bitcoin. It affects more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries, causing losses of approximately 4 billion USD.

– ILOVEYOU: virus is distributed via email and other file sharing platforms. It has infected up to 500,000 systems, causing $ 5.5 billion in losses in the first week alone and $ 15 billion during its rampage.

– MyDoom: is one of the fastest-spreading "worms" in technology history. MyDoom is estimated to cause $ 38 billion in damage.

– SoBig: is a trojan that is transmitted via email as spam. It can copy files, send themselves to other email accounts, which can damage hardware and software. Infected thousands of PCs, it caused $ 37 billion in damage.

– DarkTequila: Malware is an extremely complex and difficult to control malware, primarily attacking users in Latin America. DarkTequila steals bank information and data from large corporations, causing millions of dollars in losses.

– BlackEnergy: It was used in a major Ukrainian cyberattack in 2015, causing widespread power outages.

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