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This is a heat forecast map in France

  • The European region has an extremely intense heat wave, causing fears for people and governments in many countries.
  • Weather map accidentally "expresses" like the people here. The heat map on Thursday looked like a giant frightened face covering all over France.
  • This heat map was captured by Meteociel on June 20, which partly reflects the fear of Europe as a result of a record heat wave, which could cause many deaths.
  • Many European governments have come up with countermeasures, including adding fountains and building more pools, temporarily canceling some classes, limiting vehicles, etc. to help people deal with heat. degree more than 40 degrees C.

The heat prediction map was created on June 20, showing that the crimson heat was burning France, like a screaming face. In fact, the country is suffering the hottest temperature since the heat wave of 2003 that killed 15,000 people in the country.

Ruben Hallali, a French meteorologist, was one of the first to discover this frightening coincidence on a heat prediction map. In the tweet on his personal page, he put two photos of the heat map and the Scream of Edvard Munch, suspiciously similar.

Ruben added that he had never seen anything like this within 15 years of surveying heat maps. This heat prediction map was originally published by France's Météociel website, created from various forecasting tools to provide a visual view of the weather situation. A spokesman for Météociel said that the map created by the US Global Prediction System and its special image is quite accidental.

Not only France but Germany, Czech and Spain also suffered this record heat wave with temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius and even higher on weekends. People here also take a bath at the tool fountains and an even naked German runs into the supermarket.

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Paris has now banned old cars from circulating in the city, while Germany's Autobahn has issued a number of speed limits in the hope of preventing heat from heating up. In France, schools are closed and public schools are postponed, many cities install more pools, fountains, nebulizers and "cold rooms" to help people cool.

Zoos in many places are also cooled and supplemented with more water. However, the report said that in France alone, at least 3 people died. Some people even die from heat shock by jumping quickly into cold water to escape the heat.


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