Here are 21 subreddit with extremely useful content but not everyone knows - Photo 1.

This is 21 subreddit with extremely useful content but not everyone knows

In this article, we will explore some of the most interesting subreddit ever unearthed, with content about tips, advice, and information in life – they can help. you explain some old concept, or define a song with only a part of the melody.

first) r / tipofmytongue

The perfect place to visit when you can't remember the name of a movie, a TV show, or anything else you're looking for in every way you can recall. Just "throw" a few details that you still remember, and the subreddit community with these talented "detectives" will find you. Of course, there's no guarantee you'll get the answers you need, but you'll be impressed anyway by the way this subreddit works.

2) r / WritingPrompts

A useful subreddit for anyone interested in writing, whether you're writing for a living, doing a part-time job, or simply having fun. True to its name, WritingPrompts is a place with countless ideas to help writers overcome problems and make words more fluent. There is a lot of inspiring content here, and you can read the feedback of other writers.

3) r / dataisbeautiful

Who would have thought that the numbers and the statistics could look so good? This subreddit gives you a bunch of infographics, charts, visualizatioins, and graphs – which not only keep you captivated for hours, but also help you see a lot of things (like statistics on New York trees or other sets). Hollywood blockbusters) in ways you never could have imagined.

4) r / educationalgifs

There is no shortage of animations on the Internet (GIF), but the GIF in the subreddit educationalgifs is created to show you something new, not just those memes for viewing entertainment. This is one of the subreddit with a huge amount of interaction – try it on, you will know how matches are made, or how the Internet cable is laid on the ocean floor, or the amount How much CO2 we are emitting, all in seconds!

5) r / OutOfTheLoop

Lost, lack of information before the event is not a pleasant thing, it is time you need this subreddit. With OutOfTheLoop, you can quickly catch up with information and developments on any unknown topic, from the current Fortnite game situation, to why the British are excited about a guy named Ben Stokes. so. If you find it difficult to understand something that is trending on Twitter, try finding a solution in this subreddit.

6) r / whatisthisthing

If you have a strange object in hand, go here to find out what it is. If you have nothing to ask, just try it here to see if everyone has something interesting, maybe learn something? (or help someone). In this subreddit, the members not only ask about household objects, but about everything, from an entire room, to mysterious ships from ancient times.

This is 21 subreddit with extremely useful content but not everyone knows - Photo 2.

7) r / AskHistorians

If there's something in history that you don't understand, AskHistorians can help you find the answer – most real questions are answered in a concise manner, which means you can quickly grasp the information. news from a past event is making itself skeptical. Even if you don't have a specific question to answer, this subreddit is a great place to read.

8) r / budgetfood

It seems that most of us want to cook really well without having to spend so much money to buy ingredients, and this subreddit is one of the most interesting places related to this topic. Ask for advice on a particular type of dish, or dish for a given occasion, or you can check out many of the recipes worth checking out posted here, or contribute your ideas. yourself on how to cook well and save money.

9) r / MovieDetails

An endless treasure filled with small details in movies that you may have forgotten long ago: from the implications for fans, to the Easter eggs inserted by the directors, to the connection between movies you probably never noticed if nobody pointed them out. MovieDetails is a subreddit that can waste you an hour or two groping and forgetting that "time flies."

Here are 21 subreddit with extremely useful content but not everyone knows - Photo 3.

ten) r / InternetIsBeautiful

It's hard to find something fresh on the web, and most of us hang around with some of the best websites and social networks, every day. InternetIsBeautiful Subreddit will help change that. It's basically a constantly updated list of entertainment, interactive, and often informative websites.

11) r / YouShouldKnow

Already on YouShouldKnow, you will definitely learn something new. This Subreddit has a lot of "tricks" and helpful tips in life, in every topic you can imagine, including how to pack a dishwasher, how to create a new voicemail when you break it. damage to the first one, how to avoid pickpockets, and so on.

twelfth) r / malefashionadvice and r / femalefashionadvice

You want to coordinate a little more beautiful clothes? Have you just moved to a completely different climate and need some outfit advice? You want to know if one item has to go with the other, or can be mixed with something else? These two busy subreddit will give you a bunch of helpful tips on how to dress, what to buy, what to wear today, and what you need to know every time you want to upgrade your closet.

Here are 21 subreddit with extremely useful content but not everyone knows - Photo 4.

13) r / fullmovieonyoutube

The subreddit is quite simple: it contains a list of full movie titles that you can watch for free on … YouTube. Of course, in the age of Netflix, Apple TV +, Disney +, and many other streaming services, you won't be able to find the most popular or most recently released movies in this subreddit, but there are many movies on YouTube. than you think, and many of them are worth the time to watch.

14) r / personalfinance

This subreddit brings together really helpful advice from the Reddit community, on everything from mortgage applications to salary negotiations. A quick glance at the personalfinance subreddit makes you feel like you're about to become a better personal money manager, and as you dig deeper into your posts and comments, you'll discover a series of Small tips and smart strategies to follow.

Here are 21 subreddit with extremely useful content but not everyone knows - Picture 5.

15) r / houseplants

Anything you can do with indoor plants is concentrated in this subreddit. This is one of those precious subreddit focusing on one specific topic and doing it very well – you'll get lots of tips on caring for houseplants, as well as lots of pictures of plants. of others. A great place to get advice on buying bonsai, find some inspiration in planting, or simply flaunt your own collection of plants.

16) r / changemyview

If you ever feel like you're stubborn and tend to hate people who have opposing views, give them a try on changemyview (CMW): this is a place for rational arguments without participants. be offended or humiliated as we still see in real life or on other forums. The subject of debate is also very wide, from the directions of economic development, to the value of the shoelaces.

17) r / explainlikeimfive

One of the most famous subreddit is where you go if you want the simplest possible explanation for complex topics. Want to know how Netflix stores movies? Or why can holding breath stop a dead end? You can contribute answers to others if you know.

Here are 21 subreddit with extremely useful content but not everyone knows - Photo 6.

18) r / DIY

For those of you who like to fiddle with your own hands, whether you need help starting a new project or need advice on how to do it, or simply want to admire the skills of others. All sorts of projects you can think of are available on this subreddit, and you'll most likely find surfing reddit for advice on improving your home, perhaps even more useful than searching on the web or YouTube.

19) r / IWantToLearn

If you want to learn something – like writing games, doing magic, more efficient way to absorb information … – then IWantToLearn can tell you how to get there. This subreddit has a very wide range of topics, so it might look a little confusing; But this is a great resource if you're hoping to improve yourself (remember to use the search function before posting something here).

20) r / BuyItForLife

We live in a consumer society, but it's a trend that the BuyItForLife subreddit is seeking to prevent – you'll find tips and tricks to make your gadgets last longer. Information from this can help your car to operate more durable over time, or your phone lasts longer than expected. If you are wondering about buying an item, just ask questions here.

21) r / your-phone-name (e.g. r / galaxys10, or r / pixel3a, or r / iphonexs)

Finally, subscribing to a phone-specific subreddit is always a good idea, whether you're using a Pixel 3a or iPhone XS, or any other phone. You'll get a slew of clever tips, camera snapshots, customer care questions and answers, and lots of interesting random information – this is probably one of the resources. The richest you have ever known in the course of using your phone.

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