this console would run exclusively original Xbox games

The Xbox Mini is the probable name of this console evoked by Seamus Blackley himself, the creator and designer of Microsoft’s first console. In addition to its very original design, the Xbox Mini would be exclusively dedicated to the original Xbox games.

While the Xbox Series are still in short supply across the world and Microsoft has secured a restocking in June at the earliest, a new console the builder is starting to make people talk. Her name has not yet been clarified, but many sources expect her to be called Xbox Mini. This console has a very particular design since it takes the shape of the “X” of Xbox. The fluorescent green logo is located in the center of the machine.

Xbox Mini for playing original Xbox games exclusively
The Xbox Mini for playing original Xbox games exclusively – Credit: Seamus Blackley / Twitter

This design is not a leak from any leaker. It was actually shared by Seamus Blackley. He is none other than the creator and designer of the very first Xbox. Released in 2011 in the United States and in 2002 in Europe, the Xbox also sported a gigantic “X” on the top of its case.

Does the Xbox Mini stand a chance against the Xbox Series?

Seamus Blackley recently tweeted that: ” if there was a device that looked like this that would stream and play only the original Xbox games, would you want it? I ask for a friend “. He added the console image in question to his tweet. The Xbox Mini would therefore not come with preinstalled games. This was for example the case of the PlayStation Classic released in 2018 at 99 € with 20 games. However, she could stream and play original Xbox games from the first console.

One internet user asked Seamus Blackley: “ out of curiosity, is this something that is actually considered? Because I will definitely buy an X-shaped console that plays the original Xbox games. As long as Shrek 2 is playable “. The creator of the Xbox preferred to let the mystery hang by declaring that it was a ” Thought experiment Referring to Albert Einstein, a thought experiment.

In any case, it would seem that Seamus Blackley is determined to bring out this retro console. He added two days later on Twitter that: “ before irritating Phil [Spencer], I’m excited that people are enjoying this idea. I wanted to see if people were still excited about our old design. I am truly amazed at the response. It’s possible. It’s all hard. But sometimes it’s worth it ».

Of course, the main challenge faced by the Xbox Mini is that the Xbox Series come with Game Pass and backward compatibility for select original Xbox games. The Xbox Mini, if it sees the light of day, would therefore be more of a retro console dedicated to fans and collectors like Nintendo’s SNES Classic Mini released in 2017 was.

Source : ComicBook

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