ThinkPad workplace high-energy festival held in Beijing ThinkBook grand debut

On December 5th, the 2019 Fresh Thinking Day workplace high-energy festival hosted by ThinkPad was grandly held in Beijing. Many Thinkers shared the insights and experiences of using ThinkPad to open the way to the workplace. The new members of the ThinkPad family and the outstanding value of their appearances—ThinkBook also made a high-profile appearance on the day of the event, helping them to pursue themselves and be loyal to the “new generation of the workplace”, helping them to move quickly on the road to achieving themselves.

Synonymous with the ultimate commercial PC, the “ThinkPad” brand has been born for more than 27 years. For many years, ThinkPad has accompanied countless professionals with its iconic design, excellent quality, excellent stability and ease of use, becoming a “small “Fan fans” favorite. On December 5th, “Although open your way-2019 Fresh Thinking Day Workplace High-energy Ceremony” jointly organized by ThinkPad and Tiger Sniff, Pulse, and New Age, opened in Beijing. Many Thinkers gathered at the grand ceremony, using real and warm workplace stories, to carry out the collision of inter-generational workplace concepts, and share the insights and experiences of using ThinkPad to open the way to the workplace.

The “Workplace Advanced Team” is composed of Zhao Hong, vice president of Lenovo Group, general manager of the SME business unit in China, Li Yan, founder and CEO of Tiger Sniff, co-founder of Hemai, and Wang Zaixing, co-founder of Xinshixiang. ”, Carried out exchanges and collisions with Thinkers on workplace concepts, and shared the” advanced workplace cheats “and discussed hot workplace topics, showing the deep resonance of Think employees in different generations.

Zhao Hong, vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of the SME business unit in China, explained the Think spirit on the spot Zh

Zhao Hong, vice president of Lenovo Group and general manager of China’s SME business unit, said: “The people who open ThinkPad have used their day and night in the workplace to make the most vivid interpretation of Think’s spirit-that’s in the cloud Thinking independently is the courage to face challenges, and is based on continuous innovation and exploration based on professional foundation. In this sense, ThinkPad has not only represented a brand, a product, a tool, but a reality Workplace values ​​and influence. ”

At the same time, the new members of the ThinkPad family and the outstanding value of their face—ThinkBook also made a high-profile appearance on the day of the event, helping them to pursue themselves and be loyal to the “new generation of the workplace”, helping them to move quickly on the road to achieving self . This event also kicked off the annual official website promotion for ThinkPad users-“Black FUN Gift”, “50% off the audience” discount surprise was announced, shocking low prices sweeping Think family products including ThinkPad and ThinkBook , The workplace equipment carnival grandly opened.

· Cross-generational workplace value collisions, open up the workplace with the same Think spirit Zh

Today’s workplace is an unprecedented diversified ecology, and professionals across generations collaborate and work together. But no matter it is 70, 80, or 90, those professional, reliable and advanced people in the workplace can always be the “strength of responsibility” that everyone depends on.

ThinkPadUser representatives Zhao Kun, Zhou Chen, and Zhang Bowen shared advanced workplace insights Zh

At the event, three representatives of the hardcore workplaces and senior ThinkPad users also shared their workplace stories and advanced secrets. From the perspective of entrepreneurs and managers, Zhao Kun, founder and CEO of Xingong Jilan IP Derivatives Comprehensive Service Agency, talked about the seven criteria for selecting reliable partners and shared the struggle and achievements on the entrepreneurial road; Ogilvy Integrated Marketing Zhou Chen, director of strategic consulting of the Communication Group, shared the experience of women in the workplace, balancing the workplace and the dual status of the family; Zhang Bowen, senior editor and principal of Tiger Sniff Auto Group, talked about how he got from an undergraduate majoring in English at ThinkPad With the help of the company, he has gradually grown into a master and expert in the new media industry. Zh

ThinkBookUser representative, “new generation of workplace” Jiang Sida shared the experience of “open” experience in the workplace Zh

Veteran drivers in the workplace step by step, steadily, and low-key and restrained in their careers; the new generation of employees is unrestrained, casual, and high-profile. As a representative of young people in the workplace, Jiang Sida also shared his experience of “opening up” in the workplace—from a debater in The Story of Qiu Qi, to a content entrepreneur, step by step is a love of heart From going forward alone to picking up the team, behind the hard work is the efficient landing from imagination to execution; from entering the field of floral art to opening offline space, exploring the unknown field is a solid support for both value and efficiency … As Jiang Sida said in his speech, “I gradually realized what I want and how much I can do for it.”

In-depth exchange and collision of workplace concepts among different generations of workplace professionals Zh

Steady or steady, or follow the heart, different generations of workplace workers may respond to workplace challenges in different ways, but behind it are all curious and breakthroughs outside the comfort zone, independent thinking that does not follow the flow, is not afraid of difficulties The brave challenge is based on the continuous innovation and exploration of professional foundation, and these are the best annotations of Think’s spirit.

·From ThinkPad to ThinkBook, classic heritage, keeping pace with the times Zh

In the workplace, the spirit of struggle and struggle is not only passed down from generation to generation. The ThinkPad has evolved all the way in 27 years, not only inheriting the classic genes, but also ushering in a full upgrade of the tenth-generation Intel processors this year-whether it is a frequent trapeze, or a designer who needs to create smoothly under multitasking , Or professionals who often work in high-intensity multi-scenario combat, ThinkPad will use strong family strength and a rich product matrix to allow every workplace user to open in various scenarios. Zh

New member of the ThinkPad family-ThinkBook

Entering the era of mobile Internet, as the boundaries of the workplace continue to widen, the new generation of workplaces has also put forward new requirements for work and life. Facing these “Internet aborigines”, the ThinkPad family has ushered in a new member with both value and strength-ThinkBook. While continuing the ThinkPad’s strong and reliable genes, it has created a lightweight and sturdy fashion appearance for young people, achieving efficient business support, smooth and timely response, and comprehensive security guard, thus bringing a breakthrough smart office experience.

Zhou Qiuhao, General Manager of Think Business, Lenovo’s SME Division in China, introduces ThinkBook Zh

As Zhou Qiuhao, general manager of Think Business, Lenovo’s China SME Business Division, said in his speech: “From ThinkPad to ThinkBook, some persistence has never changed-the ultimate pursuit of user experience, intimate care of personal privacy and security, right Never compromise on reliability and durability … Technology is changing with each passing day, and the professional and reliable Think soul is always the same. ”

· Freezing point surprise announced, ThinkPad’s annual promotion “black FUN ceremony” officially opened Zh

At the end of the high-energy event in the workplace, the annual user feedback activity of ThinkPad’s official website-“Black FUN Gift” discount surprise was announced. Freezing discounts of “50% off the entire venue” swept through the Think family. The once-a-year workplace equipment carnival officially opened at 22 o’clock on the evening of December 5.

Black FUN gift discount surprise revealed Zh

It is reported that the “Black FUN Gift” covers all members of the ThinkPad family, which not only shocked the discounted price and lowered the price, but also brought a huge gift of pet powder beyond imagination with strong product strength! On the basis of classic design, rigorous quality, stable and high energy, the performance is stronger, the use experience is more amazing, and the productivity is further advanced. Zh

At the same time, ThinkBook, a new member of the family that inherited the reliable performance of ThinkPad, also participated in this annual carnival across the board! As an important strategic partner of ThinkBook, and Intel also brought another big surprise to the majority of users. The freezing point discount of ThinkBook will also land on the platform at the same time, which will ignite a greater tide of feedback with the same price of “black FUN gift”. In addition, this “black FUN ceremony” carnival also covers many products of thinkplus. Business people can take this great opportunity to upgrade their office partners and find the best partner to open the way to the workplace.

HAYAs a scene support, join hands with ThinkPad to create a workplace story space Zh

As a representative of 27 years focused on creating efficient productivity tools, ThinkPad not only provides stable and efficient support for the workplace for a long time, but also is the best interpretation of the advanced spirit of the workplace. In the future, ThinkPad will continue to work with many professionals in the workplace to open more possibilities for the workplace and life.


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