ThinkPad family new product debuts ultra-thin business flagship X1 Titanium stunning debut

On the evening of April 22, ThinkPad launched the 2021 series of new products, including the highly anticipated Thin Blade X1 Titanium, the business flagship X1 Carbon, and X1 Yoga, X13, T14, P15s and many other products. Among them, the thinest business flagship ThinkPad X1 Titanium with a thickness of only 11.5 mm is amazing. It perfectly integrates ultra-high-level industrial design and extreme hardware performance. It is a multi-mode product that integrates the advantages of PC and tablet. It is 14,999 yuan.

On April 22, Lenovo officially held the ThinkPad Family 2021 spring new product launch conference in Beijing with the theme of “Hello Pioneer”. At this conference, which can be regarded as a grand occasion for the PC industry, ThinkPad launched the highly anticipated thin blade X1 Titanium, the business flagship X1 Carbon, and many new products such as X1 Yoga, X13, T14, and P15s. Rely on strong technological innovation and technical strength to define the answer for the future.

Wang Zhong, Vice President of Lenovo Group and Chief Thought Officer of ThinkPad

·To pay tribute to the pioneers of the times with the ultimate technology

At the press conference, Wang Zhong, Vice President of Lenovo Group and Chief Thinking Officer of ThinkPad, explained his views on “Pioneer”: “What is Pioneer? They unveiled the curtain of the universe, explored clues from millions of years ago, and explored the truth behind the fog. They dare to be one step ahead, look for certainty in uncertainty, and use their own power to define future answers.” He gave examples, whether it was von Neumann who studied the relationship between computers and human brains 60 years ago, or 40 Stephen Hawking, who explored black holes and the boundaries of the universe a year ago, or Larry Page, who knocked out the code of the first global search engine 20 years ago, powerful productivity tools will burst out infinite power in the hands of these pioneers , Knocking on the door of the next era.

Wang Zhong believes that ThinkPad is based on the three genes of people-oriented, technological innovation, and ingenuity to create innovative, leading, and ultimate pioneer products: the so-called people-oriented is to tirelessly give users the best choice, giving different forms to different performance pursuits, and making suitable Matching products for each segment and group of people; and technological innovation is to never be a brand chasing the trend, but to always make creative attempts, so that every pioneer can feel the power of continuous technological change; ingenuity quality It is to create each high-quality product, even if it only deals with special needs. ThinkPad will always take one more step for the perfection users need.

After 10 generations of development, the constantly evolving ThinkPad X1 series continues to evolve itself, exploring the balance of thin and light limits and performance, and constantly turning these explorations and attempts into the industry standard for thin and light business notebooks, creating a book that belongs to the field of mobile PCs. Black white paper.

·The whole family helps to help the pioneers of the times gallop in the market

As the flagship of ThinkPad’s reform and innovation, leading the era, the X1 series only updated the existing product line, and launched the “X1 Three Musketeers” medium to thin ThinkPad X1 Titanium, the thickness of the whole machine is only 11.5 mm. This is a multi-mode product that combines the advantages of PC and tablet, and thanks to the aerospace-grade titanium shell, it achieves ultra-high strength.

ThinkPad X1 Titanium uses the unique attributes of “titanium metal” and “carbon fiber” to break people’s perception of tablets and PCs. The 0.3 mm titanium plate and 0.7 mm carbon fiber are cleverly bonded to form a light, thin, The toughness and other dimensions of the shell require both extreme lightness, stability and durability.

ThinkPad X1 Titanium

At the same time, in order to fully release the performance, ThinkPad X1 Titanium is equipped with the world’s thinnest active cooling system, with a blade thickness of only 3.2 mm. The fan area is enlarged to reduce the speed, relying on the shark gill spoiler on the cooling module. The board increases the effective air output, thereby achieving a balance of performance, thinness and quietness.

ThinkPad X1 Titanium

If the key word of X1 Titanium is “change”, then the key word of the newly upgraded X1 Carbon is “leading”. As the youngest and most technologically sensitive series of ThinkPad, the first generation of X1 Carbon changed everyone’s perception of mobile PCs when it was released. In the following years, it has continued to evolve and innovate, and gradually become the benchmark for thin and light business notebooks.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2021

As the most eye-catching flagship of ThinkPad, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon, known as the thin and lightest flagship, has ushered in the ninth generation update, equipped with a 4K-level, 100% DCI-P3 wide color gamut and low blue light screen. Compared with the previous generation, it not only achieved a smaller size, but also increased the viewable area of ​​the screen by 5.19% and the pixel area by 11.1%.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2021

In terms of network, ThinkPad X1 Carbon has a built-in mobile network module, which can handle emergency work needs anytime and anywhere through a SIM card. In addition, it is also equipped with a newly upgraded WiFi 6 dual-antenna network card, which can obtain faster network speed and lower latency under the WiFi 6 network.

In addition to sufficient performance, battery life is also very important, especially for users who often go out or travel on business. ThinkPad X1 Carbon is equipped with a 57Wh high-density polymer battery, which can greatly alleviate the battery life anxiety of mobile office, and long-term office work is not a problem. Relying on subsystems for power management optimization can save up to 26% of battery life and bring longer battery life.

ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2021

In addition, as the most freely used product in the ThinkPad X1 family, the new ThinkPad X1 Yoga is equipped with a newly upgraded 16:10 micro-edge full-view screen, supporting mobile network connections and Wi-Fi 6 wireless networks, allowing you to enjoy mobile internet anytime, anywhere , The body has a built-in dual fan cooling system to ensure long-lasting and stable performance. Looking at the three new ThinkPad X1 family products, they have become the leaders of similar products in their respective fields, setting a new benchmark for high-end thin and light business notebook products.

ThinkPad X12

In addition to the X1 series of the first matrix, the X series, which focuses on the thin and light business, is also a lot of bright spots. The new X12 interprets “exquisiteness and compactness” to the pinnacle. As a product with a 3:2 ratio of 1280p multi-touch screen, the body weight is only 760 grams. In addition, the long-awaited X13 and X13 Yoga have not only upgraded the screen specifications, but also increased the battery life by up to 48%, allowing users to meet any flight on the earth in a single battery life.

ThinkPad T14

Faced with users who pursue the ultimate balance between performance and portability, ThinkPad also released brand new T series and P series products. The main professional classic T series models usher in an unprecedented weight of 1.28 kg, surpassing the 1.29 kg level of high-end thin and light notebooks from other vendors; and for users who pursue the ultimate professional performance, the newly upgraded P series is equipped with a more focused OpenGL performance Professional graphics card and color comparison system, so that the stability required for professional field work has been infinitely extended.

A true flagship PC for business must adapt to more usage scenarios and bring a smarter experience. At this conference, the ThinkPad smart peripheral product line has also been further expanded. ThinkPad Pods Pro, a true unbounded business headset that can be directly connected to a PC, supports free switching between headsets and PCs through a dedicated audio receiver, allowing users to calmly face remote meetings that can be opened at any time. For team meeting scenes, thinkplus Pocket portable conference omnidirectional microphone speaker, which integrates omnidirectional microphone, amplifier speaker, voice recorder, and meeting record generator in one. It not only supports one-key mute button, but also one-key call to thinkplus conference secretary. It can complete the recording, transcription, translation and other tasks of the meeting for the user, which greatly improves the efficiency of the meeting.

In terms of price, the ThinkPad is also very sincere. ThinkPad X1 Titanium Wi-Fi version, starting at 14,999 yuan; ThinkPad X1 Titanium 5G, starting at 19,999 yuan; ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2021, starting at 9,999; ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2021, starting at 10,999; ThinkPad X series starting at 6,999 , T series prices start at 7999, P series prices start at 8499; ThinkPad Pods Pro true unbounded headphones, the price is 999 yuan; thinkplus Pocket portable conference omnidirectional microphone speakers, the price starts at 299.

From now on, users can pre-order at Lenovo’s official store,, and Tmall’s official flagship store. Users with high-end customization needs can also make customizations through Lenovo’s official exclusive channel.

In addition, ThinkPad has also established a new service model for the industry. X1 Carbon 2021 users who make an appointment in the official website, JD, and Tmall and complete the payment before May 1 will enjoy the worry-free use of ThinkPad. Machine Service-Enjoy the worry-free use of the new machine within 90 days, and it can be replaced directly when encountering problems with the original factory.

·Define future answers to think about the age of evolution

The press conference also invited Fu Bin, the general manager of sales of Intel’s Client Computing Division in China, and Zheng Yongchun, a famous science writer, planetary science expert, PhD, and researcher known as “Uncle Mars”, from the Intel Evo platform. Based on technology and titanium material, he published a pioneering viewpoint belonging to the times.

Fu Bin introduced that the new ThinkPad 1 series of systems sent for testing have been tested in the Intel Open Lab on response speed, battery life, connection capabilities, audio and display, reflecting its use in actual usage scenarios. The performance was outstanding, and finally passed the stringent certification of the Intel Evo platform.

In a dialogue with Zhou Qiuhao, general manager of the PC Product Marketing Center of Lenovo’s China SME Business Unit, “Uncle Mars” Zheng Yongchun had an in-depth exchange on titanium, a material widely used in the aerospace industry. Zhou Qiuhao mentioned that titanium material is an old friend of ThinkPad. As early as 20 years ago, ThinkPad tried to use titanium in X and T series product manufacturers, and became the first notebook brand to use titanium as the body material. Zheng Yongchun highly praised ThinkPad’s exploration in the field of materials. He believed that Think’s endless breakthrough and innovation coincided with the ultimate spirit of the astronauts.

Zhou Qiuhao, General Manager of PC Product Marketing Center, Lenovo China SME Division

As an era pioneer in the PC industry, ThinkPad adheres to the pedigree of the three pioneers of people-oriented, technological innovation, and ingenuity, making it the best choice for business users. As Wang Zhong said at the press conference: “ThinkPad has always been a masterpiece in the evolution of the times. Its past, present, and future have always been in the hands of the pioneers of the times, leaving one symbol after another.” With more diversified business user scenarios, ThinkPad will explore the future with the pioneers of the times to think about the evolutionary era.


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