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Things you may not know about the scientist Albert Einstein

Everyone probably knows about the most famous equation of the world "E = mc ^ 2" by theoretical physicist Albert Einstein born in Germany and considered one of the most influential physicists of the century. 20. Here are some interesting things about a physics genius that you may not know.

1. Head bigger than usual
– Albert Einstein was born at 11:30 am on Friday, March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Wurtemberg region of Germany. His parents planned to name Abraham, based on his grandfather's name, but due to feeling "too Jewish", he decided to stop at Albert.
– When he was born, the back of Einstein's head grew bigger than usual, which caused his family to worry that he might have a problem. However, a few weeks later, the head shape gradually returned to normal size. What's interesting is that this information again inspires millions of people in the future that everything doesn't need to be perfect when they are born.

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2. Slowly speaking
– Einstein didn't say anything until he was 3 years old. He revealed this fact in his biography. Economist Thomas Sowell even coined the term "Einstein syndrome" to describe people with special talents but were slow to speak when they were children.

3. Childhood
– Munich is the city where Albert Einstein lived in his childhood where his family ran a small workshop on electricity. As a child Einstein liked to play puzzle games, like building complex structures with his game building suite. His sister – Maja Einstein once said "Albert Einstein can arrange cards as high as 14 stories", the ability to focus steadfastly on Einstein's problems longer than most others.

4. School:
– Albert Einstein does not like and is uncomfortable at school. There were even rumors like him failing math. However, in fact, he became acquainted and proficient with university-level physics when he was 11 years old, less than 15 years old, Einstein mastered differential and integral calculus, …

5. Ability to play the violin
– Starting with love of music very early due to the influence of his mother, started learning violin since age 5 and quickly became a good music player. He often plays the piano, even when he needs to think while studying. That love is also expressed in the words "If I am not a scientist, I will be a musician".

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6. Symptoms of mental disorder

– Einstein has a slight problem with parody, he often repeated the phrase to himself. This may be the reason he was considered stupid in his childhood days.

7. Enjoy science from 5 years old just because of the compass
– Einstein's passion for science comes from a pocket compass, he wonders what makes the needle in a certain direction and begins to love science from there.

8. Falling the university exam
– At the age of 16, Albert Einstein failed in an entrance exam to become an electrical engineer.

9. First essay
– Albert Einstein wrote his first essay on theoretical physics at age 16.

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10. Citizenship
– Einstein was Jewish and was born in Germany. In 1896, he renounced his German nationality and five years later he became a Swiss citizen. However, he died in 1955 as an American citizen.

11. Poor memory
– Einstein has a poor memory, he cannot remember names, dates or phone numbers.

12. Hate to wear socks
– You always think your big toes will soon make a hole in your socks. He tried to avoid bringing this socks and truth paper under high heels.

13. Girls are not legal
– Einstein had a child with Mileva Maric, who later became his first wife (1903 – 1919). The baby is believed to have died in 1903 because of an infection after a year of birth.

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14. Conditional marriage
– After getting married, Einstein set conditions with his first wife, and she agreed. There are requests like Mileva to prepare 3 meals a day, stop talking when he asks and not expect intimate attention from him, leave his bedroom or office immediately and no protest if you ask.

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15. Give a Nobel Prize to his first wife
– Einstein pledged to give the entire prize money from the Nobel Prize to his wife when the two divorced in 1919. Although he did not win that award at that time.

16. Marry with cousin
– Einstein married their younger sister Elsa Einstein in 1919. There was a source that said that their relationship was very good when he was still with the first wife.

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17. The brain is preserved

– Einstein died in 1955, his body was cremated and the ashes were scattered on a secret location. However, Einstein's brain part was split after he died seven and a half hours by a pathologist named Thomas Harvey during an autopsy.

18. The brain is very special
– The temporal lobe of the brain, the area responsible for motion math is 15% larger than ordinary people but the weight is lighter.

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19. Has been nominated as president of Israel
– Few people know that after Israel's first president died, Einstein was nominated for president but he turned down the offer politely.

20. Einstein may have lived longer
– In the last years of his life, he knew his condition well and refused all medical treatments. According to him, "It is tasteless to prolong life artificially."

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21. Smoking habits

– Smoking is Einstein's passion, he sucks a lot and this is a way to calm and concentrate him when he needs to think.

22. Sleep 10 hours a day
– He needs to sleep at least 10 hours a day to be awake the next day.

23. Ever suspected of being a spy
– The US FBI records more than 1400 pages thick, focusing on Einstein's relationship with socialist and peace organizations.

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