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Things to remember when driving through road tunnels

I share with you some things to keep in mind when traveling through road tunnels, such as the Thu Thiem tunnel crossing the Saigon River for example. These will ensure you are not penalized and safe for yourself and those around you.

Remember to turn on the spotlight

This before you ran through the tunnel, people were reminded by traffic signs, and there was also a propaganda that was sufficiently regulated, and it was published in the press, but I still saw many people forget or did not know. When driving a motorbike to a cellar, make sure to turn on the light near (not the remote lamp). You have to turn on the light before going into the cellar, then turn off the tunnel or if it is dark then it's okay.

Turning on the light helps you see the vehicle ahead and around, limiting collisions in the light of the dimly lit tunnel. Although there are many lights installed in the tunnel, it is still very dark and turning on the light is for your own safety and not anyone else.

I refer to VOVGiaothong because the penalty for not opening lights is as follows:

According to the Decree 46/2016 of the Prime Minister regulating road traffic law, a fine of 800,000 VND to 1,200,000 VND for drivers of cars running in road tunnels without using lights bright morning; backing up, turning vehicles in a road tunnel; overtaking vehicles in road tunnels not at the right places.

A fine of between VND 500,000 and 1 million shall be imposed on drivers of motorcycles or motorbikes running in road jaws without using near lights; overtaking vehicles in road tunnels not at the right places; turn the car in the tunnel.

Do not overtake another vehicle

In front of the tunnel and along the cellar there are signs that prohibit crossing the car, but I still see many young people running through both the left and right of the other vehicles are extremely dangerous, while the vehicles are moving in the tunnel at high speed and the lane is narrow. Just follow the rules, slowly and slowly go, pass over to easily fall the car.

Don't go too slow, but don't go too fast

For example, with Thu Thiem Tunnel in Ho Chi Minh City, the maximum speed of a motorbike when running through a tunnel is at least 30km / h, a maximum of 40km / h. This means that you have to run at the same time, not too fast nor too slow. Slow running will affect the flow of other vehicles and lose momentum when it is necessary to ramp up the tunnel, and fast running will be easily hit by the flow of motorcycles.

Before going into the cellar, remember to keep up with the speed signs to make it right. These signs are installed full of the passage into the tunnel.

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Do not stop in the cellar

Stopping or stopping in a tunnel except for a force majeure (for example, a damaged vehicle) not only violates the law but also blocks the road, the person who is after the run must avoid you or if you don't notice it, you may hit you. You must not stop for any reason, whether it is raining outside or what phone you have.

Duy Luân

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