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Things to know about the plot of Overwatch 2

How long will the story mode of Overwatch 2 last?

Jeff Kaplan, development director of the Overwatch project, told the Washington Post that he didn't want Overwatch 2's PVE mode to be an additional update. Instead, it will be what you expect of a completely new Overwatch. He said that every experience of this mode on the player's Overwatch 2 will be completely similar to a high-end AAA game. And although he did not disclose the exact length of the main storyline, Jeff also revealed very important details.

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Overwatch 2 will really be an AAA game, not just an update for Overwatch.

"I'm not sure about the time it takes players to get past the storyline. This mode of Overwatch 2 will be similar in length to Call Of Duty, but it can also last longer if you get caught. stuck on a mission or will last longer with higher difficulty levels. " This means that the PVE game mode of Overwatch 2 will last about 7-10 hours of play, the number equivalent to the number of hours of PVE playing of the game Call Of Duty.

How many players are in this mode?

There will be 4 players using 4 different Heroes for the task of Overwatch 2. It is not clear whether the player can handle these difficult tasks alone or not, but the maximum will be only 4 people. However, Blizzard also guarantees the difficulty of this mode when the bosses of the Expect mode, which is still below the Legendary level, are enough to defeat the squad of Atlanta Reign, one of the top professional teams of Overwatch. . You may need additional companions to overcome this difficult series at Overwatch 2.

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You will need teammates if you want to overcome the difficult tasks of Overwatch 2.

Will there be an extension to the story mode of Overwatch 2?

Overwatch will still inflict new heroes on a regular basis, meaning there will be storylines and DLC for these heroes in each update. In addition, Blizzard will also create huge DLC versions if they tell the past stories of the main characters such as Soldier 76, Reaper or Doomfist.

It is possible that players will experience the feeling of witnessing the Overwatch headquarters collapse during the battle between Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. Or the confrontation between the top two Snipers of Overwatch and Talon Ana and Widowmaker makes Ana almost die. Or the story of Genji's return from hell thanks to the help of Mercy and Zenyattta.

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