Things to keep in mind when buying a car navigation device

Things to keep in mind when buying a car navigation device

Car navigation devices are available in many different types and models. In order to choose the most suitable navigation device for a car, which factors should be kept in mind?

Today, with modern technology, cars are fully equipped with convenient systems to serve the needs of human use. Among them, it is impossible not to mention the car navigation device. Current vehicles need to install standard positioning devices. These devices need to meet the basic functional criteria of vehicle management journey monitoring.

Car navigation equipment helps monitor the vehicle's journeyCar navigation equipment helps monitor the vehicle’s journey

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Types of car locator and specifications

Car navigation devices are classified into two main categories, standard positioning devices and wireless positioning devices. In each device, technical factors, namely the specifications, will allow the user to grasp the basic characteristics of the locator. From there, you can choose the appropriate equipment for your car.

For car navigation devices, the basic parameters that users need to grasp include the chip and frequency band and some other types of parameters. Chip is a part integrated in positioning device, also known as GPS chip (short for Global Positioning System – global positioning system). The principle of operation of the chip is to receive satellite signals and function to transmit that signal. Based on the distance from car navigation equipment to about 3 different satellites, one can determine the position of the device on the ground accurately. The reception of information from the GPS positioning chip takes place 2 times / day.

The frequency band on equipment has the function of determining the positioning frequency and the signal frequency emitted from the equipment, allowing the determination of the position accuracy of the equipment on the ground. Some positioning devices use positioning chips and frequency bands with different parameters. For example: Positioning device TG102E: uses Micro SIM; 4-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; The X7 automotive navigation device uses a GPS chip MT600 with a GPS sensitivity of -159 dBm; Positioning device VT202 uses 4 frequency bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Positioning device standard for carsPositioning device standard for cars

In addition to standard positioning devices, cars can also install wireless location devices. This device has the advantage of being compact and convenient for use, easy to move in the space of cars. Besides the chip and frequency specifications, the user should also learn and grasp other car specifications such as: transmit power, reception sensitivity, battery capacity, battery life …

Wireless navigation devices for carsWireless navigation devices for cars

Built-in features on navigation devices

The first is the feature that helps determine the exact position of the vehicle, monitoring the movement of the vehicle as well as the direction of movement of vehicles, the speed of the driver of the running vehicle. In addition, through this device, people also check how many times their car stops and stops the engine. These features ensure the safe management and tracking of your vehicle and have timely plans to handle emergencies.

Positioning devices help manage and track cars, anti-theft effectivelyPositioning devices help manage and track cars, anti-theft effectively

The car’s navigation device also needs to be connected to a fuel gauge sensor that allows the driver to monitor the fuel level in his vehicle. When the vehicle has an incident or at risk of danger, signs of being compromised, this device also helps owners know the warnings and effectively prevent theft. All vehicle data such as operating routes will be updated and stored at intervals of 10 seconds and the driver can review it if desired.

Bundled software package when buying location devices

For car navigation devices, the bundled software packages are divided into 4 levels including: FREE (from Free + 1 to Free + 4), CHEAP (from Cheap + 1 to Cheap + 4), BASIC (from Basic + 1 to Basic + 4), STANDARD (from Standard = 1 to Standard + 4) … Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate package.

Product warranty period

Positioning devices for cars are affixed with warranty stamps, on the stamps are marked with the month and year boxes of warranty and marked into the box. The warranty period of equipment is from 6 to 12 months. Some addresses apply 1-on-1 warranty policy if the product is not in accordance with the commitment of the sales agent (in case the product is not repaired but only has problems due to the manufacturer’s fault). You should prioritize buying products with a warranty period as long as possible.

The equipment warranty period is usually 12 monthsThe equipment warranty period is usually 12 months

Some other notes

To ensure the installation of good quality car navigation equipment, the user should pay attention to the following points:

The equipment to be purchased must comply with the standards of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Information and Communications. The Ministry of Transport has specified that 38 businesses have been granted a license to trade in car navigation equipment products in Vietnam. Therefore, car users need to find out exactly and come to the right addresses to buy products. In addition, these positioning devices must ensure that A – GPS function can work well and stably on the national telecommunications infrastructure of Vietnam.


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Equipment should be stored away from high humidity, avoid strong impact. You should also regularly check your device’s network and SIM connections to make sure the connection is stable and flexible. One of the causes of the interrupted connection may be due to the power being lost. Therefore, connecting with car batteries is also an issue that needs to be checked regularly.

A car navigation device (also known as a black box) is an essential and popular device for most cars today. To ensure safety, the driver must carefully consider and choose a reputable address to ensure the quality of the device.

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