Things to avoid when Marketing Online on Fanpage

Things to avoid when Marketing Online on Fanpage

Online marketing on Facebook fanpage can bring a positive effect to your business, provided that you avoid basic mistakes. There is no denying that Facebook is one of the valuable marketing tools for many businesses. By sharing useful content, communicating and engaging with the community, you can target customers and leads through the advertising platform. ElectrodealPro will share what to avoid when marketing Online on Fanpage if you are still wondering, please refer to the article below.

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Starting an online business fanpage on Facebook only takes a few minutes. According to the assessment of management software Fanpage Facebook, all you need to do is create an account, upload cover photos, avatars, write some posts and invite friends “Like “,” Follow “ Page. However, that is only the beginning, is the simplest part.

The ultimate goal of online marketing on Facebook fanpage is to reach potential customers and build relationships with existing customers so you should learn what to avoid when Marketing Online to be able to do better business. With over 2 billion Facebook users, it might feel like attracting a large following for a Facebook page won’t be too difficult, but the reality is completely different.

controversial things when marketing online on fanpage

Things to avoid when Marketing Online on Fanpage

In fact, to increase followers and engagements for fanpage, thereby conducting effective marketing campaigns, requires you to invest in quality content, understanding how to communicate with your target audience.

If you want your Facebook marketing efforts to pay off, you must avoid the common online marketing mistakes on Facebook. Here are some things to avoid when marketing online on fanpage:

Article Contents:
1. Do not create detailed profiles for Facebook fanpage.
2. No targeting for online marketing campaign.
3. Don’t create different post types.
4. Uneven posting frequency.
5. Do not use Facebook advertising.

1. Do not create detailed profiles for Facebook fanpage

When visiting your fanpage, you need to know what to avoid when Marketing Online on the Fanpage, the target audience will only take a few seconds to form the first impression, and that impression will affect the next actions. they can do it. Without creating a detailed profile for Facebook, your page will appear sketchy and difficult to build trust. You can try the following methods:
Use high-quality images for avatars and cover photos, suitable for websites and other brand channels.
+ Customize the URL of your Facebook profile into company name, store name.
+ Choose the correct business category to optimize search page.
+ Write an introduction about the company with a friendly style.
+ Add a call to action, such as “Watch a video”, or “Book Now”.
+ Use the Store / Services tab to share information about your products.
+ Display contact information such as website, phone number and business hours.
+ Reply to messages and comments received on Facebook during the day.
+ Ask customers to leave a review on the page.

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2. No targeting for online marketing campaign

Right from setting up a Facebook fanpage and making a plan and should learn what to avoid when Marketing Online for the page, you need to define clear goals. Is it to drive sales, generate traffic to your website, or just see it as a platform to build awareness of your business?

controversial things when marketing online on fanpage

Many people feel that Facebook online marketing is ineffective, it is because they have not defined exactly what they want to achieve or find a methodology. For example, if you want to attract 100 new fans in a month, you need to think about the type of content you’ll publish.

The bottom line is, instead of focusing on building followers, use your Facebook fanpage as a channel that connects people with similar interests.

3. Don’t create different post types

What do most Facebook posts look like? Is it mostly just text articles with illustrations, or article links on the website?

These days, Facebook video posts tend to be more popular, focusing on humor, high-quality visuals, contest announcements, or infographic information. You should create and publish a variety of content. Alternatively, you can also try creating weekly content themes

4. Uneven posting frequency

Disputes when marketing online on fanpage 2

If you publish 30 consecutive posts in a month and then don’t post new posts during the next 2 weeks, that will cause your Facebook fanpage problems. When you post new content, your visitors will know that your Facebook page is up and running, increasing their chances of following the page.

How can you run your online marketing plan if no one is paying attention to the content you present just because it’s been so long since the last appearance?

5. Do not use Facebook advertising
Campaigns and things to avoid when marketing Facebook isn’t perfect if you don’t use Facebook’s advertising features. You can use demographic filters to identify your target audience, calculate your daily budget for your ad, and how long you want it to run.


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