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These BMI Body Fat Scales Measure So Much More Than Just Your Weight

Once upon a time, your bathroom scale told you one thing and one thing alone – your weight. However, as technology has advanced, so has your scale. Weight alone can be a deceptive measurement, which doesn’t take any other factors into account. For instance, a 180-pound, five-foot man and a 180-pound, six-foot man weigh the same but look completely different. Newer, more advanced measurements allow for a more useful analysis of where you sit health-wise.

For example, your BMI (body mass index) is calculated using your weight and height. This gives you a far better gauge of whether your aim should be to gain or lose weight. Plus, many BMI scales can give you even more advanced and useful statistics, like your body fat percentage, to give you more in-depth pointers about your diet and help you achieve your goals.

Each one of these scales allows you to measure a range of important information in addition to your weight. They use technology like smartphone apps and built-in profiles to analyze your progress, allow you to share information with family and friends and even set new weight and diet goals. Want to be more pro-active about your health? Get a BMI scale and take control of your fitness ASAP.

1. RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


Available in a choice of white or black and accompanied by over 8,000 five-star reviews from happy users, the RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is hard to beat. The scale is able to provide 13 essential measurements, including body weight, BMI and your body fat percentage. Plus, the scale’s bright, 3.5-inch LED display makes reading your measurements easy.

For further analysis and goal setting, you can pair your smartphone with the scale using the RENPHO app. This advanced app also syncs with other health apps, including Google Fit, the Fitbit app, Samsung Health and Apple Health.

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2. Greatlizard Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


The Greatlizard Bluetooth Body Fat Scale allows an unlimited amount of user profiles to store their data, making this a great choice for family households. Using advanced technology, the scale will provide you with 13 body composition measurements, including your body fat percentage, body weight, BMI and more. To ensure accurate measurement, the scale uses four highly sensitive electrodes, and the tough, tempered glass platform can manage weights up to 396 pounds. This smart scale comes with an accompanying app, which allows you to view your information on your smartphone.

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3. Callm Handheld Digital Body Fat Analyzer


For a portable, BMI-calculating option, try this Callm Handheld Digital Body Fat Analyzer. The lightweight, handheld design makes this device ideal for taking with you wherever you go. It allows you to keep track of your BMI and calculates your body fat percentages using your height, weight, age and gender when you grip the two handles. The internal memory can store up to nine different profiles and delivers your results in as little as six seconds.

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4. FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


With its compact and slim, one-inch design, the FITINDEX Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is a popular choice for good reason. In addition to thousands of positive reviews from users, the versatile scale delivers 13 essential measurements and connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth technology. This connection allows you to use your smartphone and the FITINDEX app to track and manage your measurements. It also means you can share them on social media platforms with ease. The scale can also store an unlimited number of users and comes in a choice of either black or white to ensure it matches your bathroom interiors.

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5. YUNMAI Premium Smart Scale


The YUNMAI Premium Smart Scale is another heavy hitter when it comes to positive reviews from users. It can hold the information from up to 16 different profiles, making it a great choice for larger households. The advanced device delivers ten different body stats, including your BMI, body weight and body fat percentage, and allows you to track and share this information using your smartphone and the accompanying YUNMAI app. The handy app also syncs with Apple health, Google Fit and Fitbit to integrate your progress and help you set achievable goals to achieve. The device comes in black or white, and its thin and lightweight design means it’s easy to store.

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6. Withings Body+ Smart Scale


The Withings Body+ Smart Scale is a truly smart scale. It’s available in a range of attractive colors, allowing you to match your scale with your home interior. The device measures and stores a full body composition report, including stats like body fat percentage, BMI and your overall weight for up to eight different users. It also includes an option for measuring young babies, too. Recognizing you as soon as you step on the scale, this Withings device can also deliver a daily weather forecast, allowing you to plan your day ahead while taking you key stats. Furthermore, the scale allows you to use the Health Mate app to look at your data through Bluetooth or WiFi. The app can even set weight goals and manage your daily calorie budget.

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The Best Digital Scales (And How They Really Work)

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