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These are three reasons why Oculus Quest virtual reality glasses should not be purchased

You have saved for a long time, have waited a lot, now you have to scoop up, buy that glasses right away, what glasses? What is Oculus Quest! However, you should not buy quickly but have to consider the following 3 things, I think you should know before you hook your purse.

If you don't know what Oculus Quest is, please check out Nè Review video review

Oculus Quest should not be purchased if you think it is complete to buy it, no more money!

Indeed, you should not think that it is all right to give up the 14 million (price in VN) to buy the glasses, it is just an initial investment. It's just a piece of hardware, made for people to sell software, which is the game and the service in it.

You should know that the price of in-game games is not cheap, ranging from $ 15 – about $ 400 to $ 25 – about 600 thousand games.

You buy the glasses for one, and remember that the investment doesn't stop there, it's just the first step, you need to spend more money to buy the game, and the game price is not cheap. Preliminary calculation to buy all games in the store you have to spend an extra $ 200-300 (at the present time), this is a small number if you are not familiar with the cost of buying game versions right to play.

The current game price on Oculus is high but not too high, to compare the price of a new game on the PS4 is $ 60, the price of a new game on the Switch is $ 60.

Maybe the radius tells you to buy glasses for games, but you do not know the limitation when using someone else's account that you do not share the playing process, do not add friend or play online, want to cast It doesn't work out of the television or the phone.

Oculus Quest should not be purchased if you think it has super-high graphics, a massive game library

Oculus Quest has good graphics and good performance when compared to all its previous mobile VR glasses, from Gear VR, Oculus Go, Google Daydream, Googe Cardboard, etc. All of them need to wear sandals for Oculus Quest. But it's still just a mobile device, its in-game graphics can't be as large as Playstation VR or Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, because wired systems come with a strong handling platform. much stronger.

The graphics of the games in Oculus Quest are good and good, but compared to mobile glasses, you remember.

You should not buy Oculus Quest if you think it has a massive game library, in fact the number of big and good games in Oculus Quest's store is only counted on your fingertips, and the game spreads all over. genre, from fruit slashing, fishing to sightseeing or sightseeing. The number of games is very small, hopefully people will port many games from other systems.

Oculus Quest should not be purchased if you think its battery is all day

Since it is wireless, you have to charge the battery, the battery of this glasses is advertised to work for about 2.5 hours continuously, but the actual use is also very custom game, light game can be pulled to that extent, but heavy games are less than 2 hours out of battery.

In the box, Oculus has a 15W charger and a USB C to C cable is quite long, but they recommend not just charging and playing because it will be very hot (and whoever bought the wireless glasses and then plug them again but if you just plug in the charger and play, you can still stay in the cold room a bit and take all the responsibility for what you do)

You want to use it constantly and keep your eye on this battery. Charging time is also about 2.5 hours.

That's three reasons why you shouldn't buy the Oculus Quest, so should I actually buy it? In my opinion, if you like to play virtual reality, you should buy, for the following 3 reasons

Should buy Oculus Quest because it is the most modern virtual reality glasses

This is not said, brother, it is really the most modern virtual reality glasses at the present time, in the past to achieve the movement level of this glasses, you will have to setup very hard. And, pulling the cord around with the camera identifier, but will still not achieve like this.

The glass is able to identify the environment, you install it to play in room A, room B, room C, just if you step into each room, put on the glasses, it identifies what room you are in, the area Which area is a safe playing area, this feeling is really great. Oculus said the glass could remember dozens of playrooms, without having to re-install every time. The fact that I used to go home now is playing, holding it up and recognizing it as being where I am, so happy.

The ability to "see through the glass" is also impressive, after installing the guard zone, when you go near the edge of the area, a frame will appear regardless of whether you are in the game or doing something else, the This frame will gradually turn red if you keep going close to the edge, and when "going through" this frame you will see the scenery outside. This makes the experience with glass very safe, almost not easy to throw your hands on.

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The second ability Oculus had planned was the ability to expand the playroom itself, so that if people could build standard playrooms, you would bring the Oculus Quest into it and turn on the compatible game that it would receive and play like that. open sex, not yet.

Should buy Oculus Quest because wearing it comfortably and without dizziness headache

In the VR systems I played, the Playstation VR was the one that made me most nauseous, the better system was the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, this quest I found even more, bring it in almost nothing. feeling uncomfortable in the eyes or dizziness when playing for a long time, feeling very natural

His wife is very picky and can also play games for hours at a time, she also confirms that the glasses are okay, even if the glasses are close by.

Oculus Quest should be purchased if you want to play virtual reality without knowing where to start

Where you see people also introduce virtual reality, going online to see that selling 50 thousand glasses also calls virtual reality is okay, then others say spend hundreds of millions to play virtual reality well, So which one is right?

Actually, it is true that attaching the phone to the face also makes VR, but it is kindergarden VR, even if you buy hundred-dollar glasses with the controller (for example Gear VR of Samsung) it will it's just a phone, it has its limitations. – But I don't treat Samsung's Gear VR, if I have to play a phone-type game, buy this one the best in the price range.

You just started playing, I think you should not buy things like Oculus Go, or big systems like Rift and Vive. Because the Go is so simple, it is ok to buy it to watch movies, play light games but still lacks a lot, especially the ability to track. If you just bought and bought a PC stack to play Rift, Vive, you are too bear, if you have that ability and are determined to go in that direction, I will not stop.

However, just starting to play, playing the Oculus Quest is perfect:

– It is very easy to use.
– It has an excellent hardware and software platform, especially its tracking system is all right.
– You don't need to spend too much money to get the VR experience almost the best at the present time.
– The library of games is small but will expand every day, game is not missing, only afraid of not spending money to buy

Hopefully this article will help you have more to refer to before deciding to engage.
I will do a review of the details of Oculus Quest and send it to you soon!

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