These are the two most "hot" technology trends that are attracting IT engineers in VN - VnReview

These are the two most "hot" technology trends that are attracting IT engineers in VN – VnReview

According to Navigos's "2019 Information Technology Human Resources Market Report", not only businesses set demands for candidates, but even IT engineers are posing a lot of love. demand for recruitment enterprises.

In fact, the needs of IT engineers are changing gradually. An equally important factor in deciding the career path of IT human resources is promotion opportunities and a new working environment, applying advanced technologies of the world. Today, we have an interview with Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuong – General Director of Wize Vietnam to understand the technology trends that are attracting IT engineers in Vietnam.

Wize Solutions is a member company of YNV Holdings recently opened an office at the Lotte Center in Hanoi in late May, with the orientation of "not doing processing, but will develop products". YNV Holdings is a global corporation specializing in providing IT, real estate and education support solutions to customers worldwide.

Wize Vietnam officially went into operation from May 2019 with the office at Lotte Center Hanoi.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuong, General Director of Wize Vietnam, said that with the orientation of self-research, creation and product development, Wize Vietnam does not do software outsourcing. "Imagine, software engineers who create art products, they will always be proud and want to be proud of their products. It also gives them a lot of enthusiasm, passion for development. Better products, "Tuong said. "Qualified personnel who are knowledgeable about new technologies deserve talents. And as talents, their career path will favor a clear direction, not just going. Do machining, according to an order already available.

Being self-creative, self-challenging and pursuing passion, using the most advanced technology is always the desire of IT engineers and human resources. There is nothing wrong with saying, the following technologies are "magnet bars" that attract IT engineers.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence or AI) has attracted the attention of the world, both businesses and consumers in recent years. According to consulting firm Gartner, AI-related jobs will reach 2.3 million by 2020. AI artificial intelligence brings many exciting and challenging career opportunities.

Although Vietnam is not a leading country in AI artificial intelligence development, it is undeniable that Vietnam is increasingly making a name for itself in this field. Boston Global Forum identifies artificial intelligence AI to bring revolutionary changes in social and political life and the lack of talent is an issue to be addressed. When companies like Wize Solutions, Sentifi and Tinypulse are committed to using AI as a mechanism to help interact with customers better, AI artificial intelligence will become a real potential difference for companies with a background in this area.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Blockchain – the latest technologies are attracting IT engineers.

In particular, Machine Learning machine is rapidly being deployed in all types of industries, creating great demand for businesses. According to Researchandmarkets's "Machine Learning Longitudinal Market – Global Forecast for 2022" market, Machine Learning market is expected to increase to $ 8.81 billion by 2022. Machine Learning applications are used to classify Data analysis, data mining and pattern recognition. On the consumer side, Machine Learning supports web search results, real-time advertising and network intrusion detection ….

In addition to fulfilling many tasks on behalf of people, Machine Learing is creating many jobs. According to the report of the most interesting jobs in 2017 by LinkedIn, Machine Learning created a lot of top-rated jobs, with a list of nearly 2,000 jobs posted. Machine Learning related jobs include engineers, developers, researchers and data scientists.


Although most people think blockchain technology only involves electronic money like Bitcoin, but in fact, blockchain offers very high security in many ways. In the simplest way, the blockchain can be described as the process in which you can only add data, which cannot be removed or changed. Therefore, the term "chain" means that you have created a series of data. Unable to change the previous blocks of data, which makes blockchain technology safe.

As security needs increase, the adoption of blockchain technology increases, the need to recruit knowledgeable personnel about blockchain also increases. According to Techcrunch, the demand for blockchain personnel is growing sharply.

In Vietnam, data from the Ministry of Information and Communications in 2018 said that the information technology industry has estimated revenue of 98.9 billion USD, an increase of 8%. In which the hardware – electronics industry reached 88 billion USD, the software industry reached 4.3 billion USD, information technology services reached 5.7 billion USD and the digital content industry was over 800 million USD.

Talking about the selection trends where the dream and career of IT engineers, General Director of Wize Vietnam said, "When choosing where to start, the size of the company will be the second factor and not must be the most important thing, but the most important thing is their career path ".

"When working for Wize Vietnam, IT engineers will have the opportunity to access the latest technologies. Wize Vietnam always aims to develop intelligent software to serve the needs of medium and large enterprises. Therefore, new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning will be applied strongly in the process of product development, "said Nguyen Manh Tuong.


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