These 3 low-level skills in the workplace are not difficult to learn, but most people don’t

These 3 low-level skills in the workplace are not difficult to learn, but most people don’t

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Many people become confused and bored as soon as they enter the workplace, and they just hope to get off work early every day. The enthusiasm for work has been polished by the pressure of commuting every day, and when he comes home, he just wants to be in bed Ge Youtan. It is difficult to grow rapidly in such a recurring life.

If in the first few years of entering the workplace, the first year is repeated every year, and one year of work experience is used for three years. This kind of life and career planning will make it difficult to cultivate core competitiveness.

The scene of working while studying is becoming more and more common, penetrating the Internet, which has the fastest knowledge change, and more and more other industries. Whether it is looking for a new job, getting a promotion or getting a salary increase, or being competent for the current job, mastering new skills is often the best way to enrich your resume.

No matter if you are doing sales, marketing, planning, or products, if you understand new media, have writing skills, and know short videos, then you are a compound talent that many companies want to hire with high salaries.

Operation-Competitiveness necessary for salary increase

Nowadays, “knowing new media, knowing how to make short videos” is a powerful tool for creating personal IP and developing sideline businesses for homestays, and it has also become a bonus item for everyone in the workplace. In 2021, new media + short videos will be your core competitiveness for employment, promotion, salary increase, and sideline business.

However, the workplace education market is mixed. Some people learn by constantly “stepping on pits”, and some people sign up for more than N paid courses, only to find that they can’t learn anything by burning money.

In order for everyone to avoid detours and achieve system growth, 36 氪 Kai 氪 cooperated with Mantou Business School and decided to give a skill improvement course for students with 0-3 years of work experience and operation-“New Media Era Wealth Code”, ?Limited time specials? Only 0.1 yuan, click the link to experience!

0.1 yuan, master the wealth password in the new media era

For less than the price of a hot bar, you can systematically learn 20 new media talent models and harvest a set of system growth plans.

Writing-building workplace influence

Many times in your life, you will think “if I could express like XXX”, but you still have no chance to become that XXX. The dark losses you suffer because you can’t write and can’t express will never end.

Luo Zhenyu said: “The ability to express in writing has become the most important ability in contemporary society. The most important asset in traditional society is wealth and power. The most important asset in future society is influence. Writing is the most direct way to form influence. “

To become a life expert and an elite in the workplace, good written expression is essential. Being able to express means that you have a stronger workplace competitiveness, more important contacts, and a more distinctive personal brand.

28 Lectures on New Media Writing

Because of this, Kai Kr and Mantou Business School recommend the course “28 Lectures on New Media Writing” for you. The original price is 99 yuan, and you can buy it at a limited-time special price of 69 yuan. Click the link to learn about it.

Video-Seize the new bonus of traffic

If you missed the 2009 Weibo trend, missed the 2012 official account bonus, missed the 2018 Douyin outbreak. So, the WeChat video account is ready to be launched in 2021, do you still miss it?

The video account is still in a period of barbaric growth, with little competitive pressure, and quick gains in popularity. Now entering the game is the best time to grab the bonus.

For newcomers with a 0-based basis, how can they play video numbers at low cost and earn bonuses?

This door“0 basic incoming video number”, The course will start from the video number opening method, to the person setting position, then to the short video production, operation skills and other levels, comprehensively analyze the video number gameplay, simple landing, and help you realize fast realization.

0 basic incoming video number

whether,You are a short video lover,still isNew media operators,Or0-based novice Xiaobai,Now the incoming video number can seize the early dividends of the platform.“0 basic incoming video number”Original price is 99 yuan, ?limited time special ?69 yuan can be snapped up, click on the link to find out.


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