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There will be 7 MacBook models refreshed from here until the end of the year

Documents submitted by Apple to the Eurasian Trade Commission (EEC) show that there will be seven new MacBook models refreshed from now until the end of the year. It could be the MacBook 12 "and MacBook Air with a new configuration, which does not exclude the possibility that the MacBook Pro 16" will appear in this issue (although there have been rumors before that it has to wait until next year to finish Apple. good product). Most likely these new laptop models will be announced in October.

The models appearing in this phase carry the codes A2141, A2147, A2158, A2159, A2179, A2182, A2251. All products using wireless connections need to be approved by EEC to be sold in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and some other countries.

Duy Luân

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