Redmi revealed more about 64MP camera smartphone: there will be 4 rear cameras, sharper image of 9K TV, weighs 20MB - Photo 1.
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There will be 4 rear cameras, sharper image than 9K TV, weighing 20MB

Recently, Redmi has officially revealed the first photo taken by smartphones with their 64MP camera. And now, the sub-brand of Xiaomi continues to share some information about this smartphone.

According to Redmi, the smartphone they are about to release will have four rear cameras in which the main sensor has 64MP resolution. In addition, Redmi also said that each photo taken by the 64MP camera will be about 20MB in size and higher resolution than 8K TV. Possibly, the smartphone with the 64MP camera of Redmi will be the highest resolution camera smartphone ever.

Although Redmi has not confirmed yet, many sources believe that the Redmi smartphone will use Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 64MP sensors that come with Tetracell pixel integration technology. In addition, this sensor remosaic algorithm integrates 4 pixels into 1 to increase light sensitivity, providing 16MP images in low light conditions. Samsung's exclusive ISOCELL Plus technology is also equipped for this sensor to reduce the level of exposure.

Besides Redmi, both Realme and Samsung are developing smartphones with 64MP cameras. However, with this progress, Redmi is likely to be the first company to launch a 64MP camera smartphone market.

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