There was growing evidence that the turmoil at the Capitol was planned in advance

There was growing evidence that the turmoil at the Capitol was planned in advance

As the impeachment trial drew near for former President Donald Trump, there is growing evidence in testimonies that the January 6 Capitol breach was planned in advance, thereby fueling the charges against back to President Trump that he committed the crime of “inciting insurrection” to become invalid.


Several FBI testimonies showed that the Capitol hack was planned in advance, reinforcing the argument of Trump’s impeachers that rioters cannot be instigated by the President. stated.

Sen. Lindsey Graham recently said part of the Capitol Chaos chaos was coordinated well ahead of Trump’s Jan. 6 speech.

In a February 1 interview on Fox News, Mr. Graham said “There is a lot of evidence that those who came to Washington planned the attack before the president spoke.”

He said “We want the FBI to step in and tell us how those guys planned the attack in advance, and what happened to the Capitol’s security plan.” Mr. Graham also mentioned the call for witnesses to testify at the impeachment trial.

In his speech, Mr. Trump said that he wanted supporters to speak up in a “peaceful and patriotic” way to the January 6 joint session of the National Assembly.

The son of former President Donald Trump Jr argued in a tweet last month that: “If federal law enforcement had known in advance that this was a planned attack, then it meant the President didn’t incite anything.”

Several oaths during the Capitol hack show evidence of pre-planning.

An affidavit (pdf) is filed in the case against Thomas Caldwell, who is believed to have a leadership role in the “Swear Keepers” group and is facing charges of conspiracy to obstruct or act. wounded an officer, saying Caldwell and the others had planned parts of the intrusion beforehand.

“As described more fully here, CALDWELL planned with DONOVAN CROWL, JESSICA WATKINS, and others to invade the US Capital,” the affidavit stated clearly.

“The evidence discovered during the investigation proves that not only CALDWELL, CROWL, WATKINS and others plotted to attack the Capitol Building of the United States on January 6, 2021, but they contacted each other. before the intrusion and planning to attack. ”

The document cites communications between Watkins and other “Swear Keepers” groups suspected of during the Capitol invasion. In it, a chat attributed to Watkins by the FBI wrote that: “We have a good group. We have about 30-40 people. We are working together and sticking to the plan ”.

Alex Harkrider, who faced charges of conspiracy and unauthorized intrusion with dangerous weapons, was accused in an affidavit (pdf) that he had made a statement about the plans for a “civil war”.

The affidavit indicated that a witness contacted the FBI alleged that they had photos from Harkrider’s social media sites showing that he had said he and others were “planning for a civil war ”.

Another affidavit (pdf) in the case against Andrew Bennett, who faced charges of disorderly conduct on the Capitol campus, indicated that “at around 5:02 am EST, day On January 4, 2021, Bennett posted the following, along with a photo of a convoy traveling on the road bearing the American flag: “You better be ready, chaos is coming and I will be in DC on January 6, 2021 to fight for my freedom!”

Meanwhile, the FBI said it had notified other law enforcement agencies, including the US Capitol Police, a day before the Capitol intrusion, of an online announcement of the “incident. battle ”and attack the building. The FBI announced on January 12 that the warning was issued through the Counterterrorism Task Force and the US Capitol Police that have members in this task force.

Le Vy (according to Epoch Times)

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