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There was a rumor of buying movie tickets for 0 dong, movie nerds have known this news yet!

( The online community is buzzing with the news that some Facebook accounts share the results of purchasing movie tickets at BHD Star theaters, Lotte Cinema with 0 VND.

Facebook account holder Tran Thi Thu Van shows off her hunting trophy for 2 movie tickets “Trick To Meet Cheating” for 0 VND
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Similarly, a Nguyen Khanh Facebook account not only shares how to challenge the 60K direct discount code when booking movie tickets but also reviews the BHD cinema complex Pham Ngoc Thach – Hanoi in great detail.
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Thanks to a direct discount code, Nguyen Khanh only pays 5K for tickets to his favorite movie
Thu Thao 1
Thu Thao 02
Account Nguyen Thu Thao does not hesitate to show off his trophy for movie ticket booking at BHD Star 3.2 with an additional cost of only 10K after applying a discount code directly at the theater.
Lan anh 01
Lan anh 02
Or Lan Anh account ordered 2 movie tickets but only needed to pay 60K more, jokingly but it turned out to be real everyone.
Tuyen dino 01
Tuyen dino 02
Just owned a pair of movie tickets at BHD Pham Hung cinema with an additional payment of only 50K, the account holder immediately showed it off on his personal page.
Linh Le 01
Linh Le 02
After entering the discount code, account holder Linh Le owns a pair of movie tickets at Lotte Cinema

After the post showing off the achievements of a few Facebook accounts, the film fan club simultaneously asked and shared about how to get “results” similar.

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Currently, moviegoers will easily receive a direct discount code up to 60K when you first book movie tickets on Shopee shopping app and choose to pay with AirPay e-wallet. See details here.

First-time users who book movie tickets on Shopee and pay with AirPay get an instant 60K discount when entering the APM01 coupon code

Accordingly, you just need to access Shopee application, go to “Top up card, service and movie” right at the main screen and manipulate ticket booking and payment; Don’t forget to enter code APM01 at the checkout step to get a 60K discount. With the combination of Shopee, AirPay and 2 clusters of BHD Star theaters and Lotte Cinema, the film festival is free to “sweep” the movies in theaters at super discount prices. If you’re still wondering if this is good news or is it a joke, then head over to the Shopee app and book your movie tickets today!


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