There was a modder re-engineered AirTag, thickness from 8mm to 3.8mm

After drilling holes on the AirTag to thread the wire or having an abdominal surgery to see how the hardware is inside, recently on YouTube there was a modder that pulled out the intestines of the AirTag and reprocessed the case so it was thin enough to put in the wallet money or other essentials without thickening them. The 8mm thickness nature of the AirTag also makes it possible to put it in your wallet only if the wallet is thick, and now you play thin wallets, putting AirTag in whatever way is lumped.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthinning AirTag is very simple. The nature of this toy is to have a broadcast board structure on top of the CR2032 battery, so if you can find a way to spread the battery and circuit on a wider surface, the thickness of the AirTag will decrease significantly. And that is the plan that Andrew Ngai did:

The solution is simple but requires three things. The first is to disassemble the AirTag to get the hardware contained inside, the second is to software design an exact model to hold the hardware, and the third is to use a 3D printer to create a fixed frame. AirTag’s broadcasting circuit and battery. That is not to mention, it is quite sure that if you do like this, AirTag will be denied the warranty. This is meant to be just for fun, but it takes a lot of things to change the AirTag’s thickness from 8mm to almost half, probably not worth it.



Desktop Screenshot 2021.05.07 -

Desktop Screenshot 2021.05.07 -




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